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Importance of Sharpening your Ice-Skating Equipment

Author: Reez Thomas
by Reez Thomas
Posted: Nov 11, 2021

Why sharpen you skates?

Are you a skating enthusiast who loves ice-skating? If the answer to this question is yes, you will understand the need to sharpen your skates if you are a professional level skater. Making sure that your skates are properly sharpened can make a huge amount of difference on the ice more than you realize.

It is advisable to purchase skate sharpening equipment if you want to control the overall rhythm, turns, and stops of your skates.

Here are some of the signs which indicates when your skates will need sharpening, these are as follows:

The time of the sharpened blades reduces when skating outdoors for longer periods of time.

  • If you find yourself struggling to skate smoothly or falling down a typical pose you are comfortable with, it is an indication that blades require sharpening.
  • When you are not able to keep your position upright while skating.

    If you see a reflection on the edges of the blades under a bright light, sharpen your skates!

    Often skating people tend to ignore the fact that it is crucial to purchase skate sharpening equipment if you want to use your skates for longer durations, but due to heavy equipment and lazy approaches, people do not pay attention to their skates.

There are many portable skate sharpening machines that are available like diamond dresser, grinding wheels, sparkz, Blackstone, etc. which can be easily carried to skating rings or for professional competitions. The purpose of these tools is to provide comfort and to reduce the time and energy of the skaters who sharpen their blades with heavy equipment and do not get the desired finish according to their preferences.

Closing thoughts

Ice in outdoor or backyard rinks is frozen and can gather dirt quickly which makes it a potential threat and poses danger to the skating equipment. This type of dirt and debris dulls the blade and lowers the quality when skating indoors. If we compare, outdoor ice is typically harsher than the indoor ice, and can wear down the skates easily, that is why it is important to wipe down your blades and inspect their condition after every skating round.

If you need services to sharpen your skates, there are many services available at rink pro shops, that cleans and sharpens your skating equipment professionally. While there are tools that temporarily sharpen your blades but it is best to use sharpening equipment that are meant to touchup your skates and offers a permanent solution to the same.

Author’s bio– The writer is an avid online blogger. The article is based on skate sharpening equipment.

About the Author

The writer is an avid online blogger. This article is based on ice rinks.

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