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Top 12 Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Ideas for Halloween 2021

Author: Row Henry
by Row Henry
Posted: Nov 11, 2021

Turn the alarms on as it’s already October end, and Halloween is just around the corner. Who are all excited? Well, just like you, we certainly are. After months of social unlock and successful vaccination due to the pandemic, it’s finally time to begin the celebrations of the fun and jolly festival of Halloween. So, if you’re planning to throw a cool Halloween party, then you are at the right place. We’ve curated an amazing list of iconic ideas to make it one of the most memorable days this year.

Explore some of our spooky and chilling Halloween ideas to pep up your show with family and friends.

1. Use Fake Spider Cobwebs

The key idea behind any Halloween party is to make it as spooky as possible. So if you’re pondering about how to do this, then worry not. It’s easy. Just hang a wildly realistic cobweb, which is complete with spiders. Where to place it? That’s equally easy. Spread it over your furniture and across the ceiling. It will be a real game-changer. All your party guests will definitely duck for cover after seeing such a big spiderweb display complete with creepy giant spiders.

2. Furniture Covered in White Sheets

You can even give a haunting look to your living room by giving it a simple makeover. Drape all room’s furniture, especially chairs and tables with white sheets.

3. Halloween Doormat

Surprises are always good. Aren’t they? Get a nice Halloween doormat. This will allow your family & friends to keep guessing if they are walking into a really cute-themed party or a scary one.

4. Funny Halloween Masks

Any party is incomplete with some funny and mood lighting acts. So is the case with Halloween parties too. So make this good party even better with some mood lighting funny masks Halloween. This non-toxic party accessory is a must-have, and we guarantee that with

its use, everyone won’t just laugh but will definitely even want a picture with it.

5. Red Lipstick

Yes, you heard it right! Red lipstick is another must-have. Wondering why? Let us explain. Get a red lipstick and use it on the bathroom mirror to make use of a classic Halloween scare tactic. Use it to write something like, "I’m watching you; I’m following you; You’re Next," and more like that. What’s more? Well, now you even have an excuse to use that red lipstick anytime and anywhere.

6. Pumpkin LED Lights

Any party is incomplete without some string lighting. The same rules apply when you’re throwing a Halloween party. To get really spooky vibes, handsome cute pumpkin LED string

Lights and set the atmosphere.

7. Cat Candles

Candles can really set the mood and make an important decoration item for any occasion. But what matters is the kind of candle that you use as per the event. Get a cat-shaped candle that casts a truly terrifying face on your wall. Trust us; it will make a perfect and subtly scary Halloween decor.

8. Plastic Spider Decoration

To amp up the aura, you can get some plastic spiders that look scary-realistic. Good quality ones are so fab that they’re bound to make some guests jump. All you need is to scatter them in unexpected places like the kitchen and bathroom counters, on the seats and arm of the couch, and the inside of your fridge, and you’ll definitely pull off a scare or two.

9. Smoke Machines

Set the mood using smoke machines. Throw a party where everyone just sits around and plays Monopoly with a smoke machine running the whole time, it would still be peak Halloween.

10. Halloween Candies

All parties need a food defrosting tray. But this Halloween party counts for a special occasion. Time to turn your average meat and frozen foods board into a classy Halloween candy display with like, eyeballs and bloody fingers. Need some help getting started? Decorate it further by placing some pumpkins around the candies, and you’re good to go.

11. Ghoulish Glassware

Time for some cheers! To complete your Halloween booze with a twist, make your wine glasses look a little creepy. How? Simply use and pour/paint some corn syrup tinted with red food coloring.

12. Spooky Mantel Decor

For that extra morose look, get your mantel decorated with some frameless pillar lanterns. Add some candles of different sizes and heights, glittery tapers, a grinning votive, and last but not least, some fluttery bats. You can even add some creepy plastic crawlies and arrange them to swarm up a wall using glue dots.

Final Words

If you love celebrating this spookiest day of the year, there’s arguably no better way to celebrate than to incorporate these ideas and suggestions when you throw an elaborate Halloween party. So get started and prep up to throw the bash of the year.

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