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You Just Got Laser! Treat Your Nail Infection with This New, Painless Treatment

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Nov 12, 2021

Nail infections are very common, and dermatologists treat these with laser therapy due to the constant contact with bacteria and fungi that can be found under your nails. Laser therapy is a painless treatment that can help cure nail infection in just one session! This article discusses the benefits of laser therapy for nail infections. Nail infections are painful and can be quite stubborn to treat. Luckily, there's a new laser treatment for this common health problem that is not only painless but also very effective!

Laser dermatology is a painless treatment that dermatologists in Indore, use to treat several conditions. The nail infection laser treatment uses pulsed light or lasers that are absorbed by the affected cells and induce cell death without damaging adjacent tissues.

Nail infections are often caused when fungi enter through tiny cuts on our feet or hands. Fungal growth can be slow but eventually damages nails making them look discolored or thickened, may cause skin rashes around the nails, and possibly even painful blisters if not treated right away - dermatologists usually prescribe anti-fungal medications for these types of dermatologic disorders.

However, dermatologists are now able to provide nail infection treatment in indore which is a non-invasive treatment that uses short pulses of high-intensity light or lasers at specific wavelengths in order to destroy affected cells. Most dermatologists choose the laser treatment because it emits infrared light - dermatologists usually prescribe anti-fungal medications for these types of dermatologic disorders. This wavelength penetrates deep into tissue and has been found to cause less damage than other types of high-powered lasers when used on pigmented tissues like your nails (the skin around your nails can be easily damaged by this procedure).

The dermatologist utilizes laser therapy to help with dermatitis and nail fungus. Laser treatment is extremely effective at removing damaged tissue (the infected cuticles surrounding the fingernail or toenails), but it's not necessary for treating dermatitis, fungal infections of nails, ingrown nails, etc.

Some common types of laser therapy include carbon dioxide, erbium: YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet), and ruby lasers - dermatologists usually use the CO² or Erbium YAG treatments on darker skin tones while using Ruby lasers on lighter complexions because these wavelengths are absorbed by melanin found in your nails. These two types of light therapies help remove damaged tissue, which is why it's used for treating nail fungus and other infected cuticles.


Laser treatment has been used for years in the medical industry to treat conditions. But now laser is making its way into at-home beauty treatments too! People are using it to zap nail infections that just won't go away with their typical antibiotic cream or ointment. The best part? It's painless, quick and can be done right from your own home. If you're looking for an effective but gentle solution to get rid of a stubborn infection without all the hassle - give laser therapy a try!

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