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Terracotta roofing

Author: Jack Slayer
by Jack Slayer
Posted: Oct 30, 2014
The word terracotta is Italian for "cooked earth." It is a type of ceramic made of reddish clay. Artists have used terracotta to make countless items. Terracotta can also be used to make roofs, and very good ones at that. The high amount of iron that is found in terracotta gives it its natural reddish color which can really make your home stand out. Here are a few things you might not have known about terracotta roofs.It’s waterproofThough terracotta isn’t naturally waterproof, roofing shingles and floor tiles made of terracotta are manufactured in such a way that they become waterproof. Before they go through the first firing, they are burnished. Following the first firing, they are treated with a coat of waterproof glaze and then fired again. After this process, even the rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest can’t absorb into the shingles.Advantages and disadvantagesUnlike some roofing materials that are painted to be a specific color, terracotta comes by its reddish tint naturally. That means the color won’t fade over time. Terracotta roofs tend to really stand out and they remain attractive for the entire lifetime of the roof. Terracotta is extremely durable, is completely fireproof, and—when treated properly—is entirely waterproof. Terracotta roofs also reduce noise pollution and do not contribute to toxic runoff since they aren’t treated with any toxic chemicals.The only real disadvantage to terracotta shingles is that they have to be treated properly in order to be truly waterproof. Shingles that are poorly manufactured will eventually begin to absorb water. If you go with terracotta shingles, go with a trusted manufacturer even if they are a bit more expensive.How much does it cost?Though terracotta shingles are among the most durable, they are also quite pricy. Terracotta shingles typically average between 3 and 7 dollars per square foot. Another thing to keep in mind is that terracotta shingles are a specialty material and require special expertise to install them. Consequently, the installation of the tiles themselves will be more expensive.Can they be recycled?A high quality terracotta roof can last for decades. Like all roofs, however, terracotta shingles will eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes however, rest assured that the old shingles won’t be dumped into a landfill. Terracotta shingles are 100% recyclable. They can be crumbled up and used in more terracotta products, perhaps even another roof.Home improvement news brought to you by bartonroof.comSource:
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