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Success Secret of The Best Micro-Breweries in America

Author: Noah Desouja
by Noah Desouja
Posted: Oct 30, 2014

There are a few businesses as profitable as starting a home-based brewery in the USA. If you brew beers that you share with your friends on some occasions, then this is the right choice for you to start a business. Entering this field of brewing at home is, though easy but getting success and making huge profits are not easy. As unbelievable growth of brewery industry relies on the quality and variety in taste of brews, you have to assure high quality and innovative flavors and tastes in beers made at your brewery.

The success secret of all the best microbreweries in America is high-end equipment that plays a vital role in brewing. The most common problems faced in micro-brewing industry are inconsistency in taste, high installation cost, and need for a brewmaster. They are main obstacles encountered in the run of a brewery. So when planning to start brewery business, you should acquire high performing tested equipment to set a home-based brewpub.

It is better to use patented equipment because that is quality tested. Thus, patented brewpub system allows you to brew superior quality beers that has high demand in the market. You can made brews for your restaurant or bar at low cost while people are ready to pay high price for quality craft beers. Thus, setting up brewing system at your bar or restaurant will allow you to harness a huge benefits.

A standard brew system is of the size of 20 to 80 square feet. To establish an brew system, you should have a tile floor that can support 1800 pounds on three legs. Also, there should be a standard floor drain that you get built by a skilled plumber. Have a valve installed with hot and cold water lines that end in one 3/8 inches in hose barb. In addition, a standard brewpub system has a sufficient gallon with heater, stainless steel beer faucets, combination fermentation/serving tanks, glycol chiller, hoses, valves, carbonator and gauges.

In short, micro-brewing is one of the most profitable emerging businesses in the USA. By installing an attractive brewpub system, you can brew high quality beers that people pay high price for. Given the high prospects of profit and low installation cost, home-based brewing business is taking over commercial breweries that cost a lot on installation and brew beers that sell for less price in the market.

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The author is brewmaster working with a renowned brewery that use approved commercial brewing equipment to produce quality beer at affordable cost. Find more information

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