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How to Make NFTs Like CryptoKitties?

Author: Michael Mustang
by Michael Mustang
Posted: Nov 25, 2021

If you have any experience at all with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you’ve probably also heard of CryptoKitties. The popular game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to buy, collect, breed and sell virtual cats.

The exciting thing about CryptoKitties is that it was one of the earliest such examples, and it also enjoyed a massive and rapid rise in popularity. In fact, back in December 2017, it slowed down the Ethereum network due to its popularity while simultaneously causing it to reach an all-time high in the number of transactions.

Interestingly, some of the virtual cats are quite valuable, going for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its parent company, Dapper Labs, is worth millions.

And so perhaps it’s no surprise that a lot of people want to follow in their footsteps. NFTs represent a growing market, and there’s plenty of room at the top. But how can companies follow in CryptoKitties’ footsteps? Let’s dive in and take a look.

How to Make NFTs Like CryptoKitties?

Our NFT Development Team made short list tips for you. Seven useful advices will help you to pass through this journey, so let's take a look!

Find a Trustworthy Partner

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of creating a successful NFT is finding yourself a reliable and trustworthy partner who can carry out the development work for you. The vast majority of companies don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated NFT developer of their own. Even if they can, it can be difficult because the supply is lower than the demand. Therefore, it’s much better to find a trustworthy provider that you can partner with.

Create Killer Briefs

When you’re working with a software development partner, the solutions they develop will only be as good as the briefs you give them. That’s what makes it so important for you to spend some time making sure that your brief is the best it can be because they’ll then be able to take that and use it to create the perfect response.

Temper Your Expectations

Even though we’ve talked about how successful CryptoKitties is and how there’s still room at the top, not every company will make it. At the moment, it seems as though people are looking at NFTs like they’re a guaranteed way of making money. They’re looking at them in the same way we think of the early days of cryptocurrency, but they forget that there were no guarantees that crypto would succeed. And so, while there is a lot of potential in NFTs, it’s also important to be realistic in your outlook and temper your expectations.

Custom Development is the Best

Some companies offer off-the-shelf development, which is great for keeping costs down but isn’t so great when you’re trying to build the next CryptoKitties. That’s because an off-the-shelf product is only really suited to more generic NFTs where there’s no real need for unique functionality. As soon as you have specific needs of your own, you’re going to need to look into custom development.

Focus on Your Route to Market

Building a perfect product is all well and good, but it won’t get you far if nobody uses it. This is true for traditional, physical products, and it’s also true for digital products like NFTs. Simply put, CryptoKitties wasn’t just successful because people loved their product. It was also able to market itself successfully and to get the word out to the people who’d be interested in using it. If you focus exclusively on the technological aspects of your own NFT, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Know the Competition

This is another one of those tips that can apply to any product, but it’s particularly true when it comes to NFTs. The market is ready for new innovation, but if you launch a product that’s just a clone of something else, you’re going to struggle to find success even if you get your marketing spot on. The NFT market is unforgiving, and people are hungry for innovation. You need to know the competition to establish a point of difference and stand out in the marketplace.

Have Crossover Appeal

One of the main reasons why CryptoKitties is so successful is that it also had a little mainstream appeal as well as attracting the die-hard tech geeks and crypto nerds. We’re not sure how many people’s first Ethereum transactions were down to CryptoKitties, but we’re willing to bet that it was a reasonably high percentage of their overall users. By having some sort of crossover appeal, you ensure that you have the largest possible potential audience.


The tips and insights that we’ve shared today should be enough to help you to get started, but because NFTs are such a relatively new technology, it’s not as though there’s a single path that you have to take. Instead, you can very much make NFTs your own.

With that said, there’s one thing that all successful NFT companies have in common: they’re able to track down decent developers to work with them. And that’s where we come in. If you’re in the market for an NFT developer, but you’re not sure where to get started, be sure to reach out to us here at Zfort Group. We’d be more than happy to help you!

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