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What’s the Best Choice for Designers?

Author: Nivida Websolution
by Nivida Websolution
Posted: Nov 25, 2021
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Since the development of mobile, one of the most heated discussions has been whether to construct a responsive, adaptive web design (AWD) or a standalone mobile site. We'll leave standalone mobile sites out of this subject because they appear to be the least popular alternative among designers and businesses because they must be constructed separately.

Why Use Adaptive Design?

Adaptive can be used to update an existing site to make it more mobile-friendly. This gives you complete control over the design and allows you to develop for numerous viewports. It is entirely up to you, your organization, and your overall budget to decide how many viewports to design for. It does, however, give you some flexibility over your website that you won't get with responsive design.

In general, you should start with a low-resolution viewport and work your way up to verify that the design isn't hampered by the content.

As previously said, designing for six resolutions is standard. However, looking at your site statistics for the most often used devices and then designing for those viewports will help you make a more informed conclusion.

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It's also OK if you want to build an adaptive site from the ground up. Begin again with the smallest resolution and work your way up. The layout can then be expanded for higher resolution viewports using media queries. If you design for different resolutions, though, you may notice that the layout 'jumps' while resizing a window.

Because planning and developing a site that is adapted for different viewports can be time-consuming, it is typically utilised for retrofitting.

Why Use Responsive Design?

Because of the availability of themes through CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, the majority of new sites now use responsive design, which has made it easier for less experienced designers and developers.

Responsive web design does not provide as much control as adaptable web design, but it is considerably easier to construct and maintain. While adaptable layouts can and do use percentages to offer a more fluid feel when scaling, this can result in a leap when a window is resized. For instance, in the image below, which depicts a fluid layout, the designer has used percentage widths to change the view for each user.

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With responsive design, you'll be developing with all layouts in mind, which might muddle the process and make it pretty difficult. This implies you should concentrate on designing a viewport for mid-resolution, and then use media queries to modify for low and high resolutions later.

In general, responsive is preferable for new projects, while adaptive is preferable for retrofits.

Concluding Words:

When it comes down to it, no matter what design style you use, the most important thing to remember is to think about your audience first. It's easier to build with them in mind when it comes to layout, content, and so on once you know who they are and what devices they use to access the site.

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It will also depend on whether you're working with an existing site or creating one from scratch. Responsive design has become the standard design style, with roughly 1/8 of all websites now using it. Responsive adoption is also rapidly increasing, and it has nearly reached the same level as standalone mobile sites.

Given all of this, it's reasonable to conclude that responsive design is usually the better option, if only because adaptive design demands ongoing maintenance.

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