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The complete guides to Reserve map for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Author: Numbs Syun
by Numbs Syun
Posted: Nov 25, 2021

The Reserve map in the Escape from Tarkov game is excellent and challenging, particularly late within a wipe. Relevant to the Interchange map, There exists a significant POI within the center in the Reserve map, and there exists a spawn stage all around it. This map is tremendous, but PVP is denser than other maps in Escape from Tarkov. The protected spot might pretty correctly be narrow and challenging to navigate the map. Here are ways to overcome the difficulties in Escape from Tarkov.

The design from the area on the map allows players to succeed through alternative game styles. Because extracting points will not attract players towards the other end on the map, conserving is an effective way to play Reserve. Aggressive players will also be able to get the fun of PVP, especially within the early games. This list will provide players with some advanced reserve tips for people of all skill levels.

Peyton Lott updated on September 8, 2021: The expansion has been several months, and the community has enough time to enjoy the new features all-around the reserve map. Underground tunnels provide an extra dynamic experience, which is good news for those who like PVP.

One of your key questions players want to answer within the community is generating attackers in Reserve. Reserve is one particular of the most exciting maps inside the game. Nevertheless, it is often frustrating at times. This updated guidebook includes information on where the Reserve's attackers were born and some other map-playing techniques. Use the following ideas to master the raid on this map.

The respawn points of almost every reservation are close to the edge of your map. Most of the time, game players will want to immediately move towards the center of their map and find a safe location to scan the region.

The only relatively safe respawn point is close to the cliff drop. Usually, only a single PMC will be generated there, and there is a considerable amount of loot in this spot. Camping near the spawning level in any other place will usually result within a flanking or grenade barrage from another PMC.

Start and EndAlthough this is often a notorious PVP map, most PMCs play much slower at the beginning of erasure. During this time, players should be additionally concerned about snatching than PVP. This is because most people, while in the lobby, will try to do this. Successful extraction is pretty important for a quick start.

At the end of your wipe, the game player will want to keep his head spinning when approaching the chess piece building. When heading to the center of your map, it is common to encounter other players on the way.

Extract all around the cliffIt is inevitable to generate PVP on a smaller reserve map. Players who enter the battle and win will hope to get the latest loot. And anyone who has a starting stage while in the west or northwest will find a cliff exit a few hundred meters away.

There can be a PMC near the drop, but extraction is one of the safer points in the game. After evacuation, survivors can return to your mountain to fight a lot more PMC or Scav.

Where to go for PVP?The protected area map is small, and the layout inside the building feels smaller. It is difficult to determine the exact area because of how many hot spots are on the map. The main focus area will be the chess piece building within the center of your map and the train station within the lower right corner of the map.

Reserve is incredibly suitable for PVP because not every player will go to an area. Instead, game players will have the opportunity to fight multiple enemies in several locations around the map.

Understanding underground expansionA few months ago, Reserve underwent an expansion. There are now a series of underground tunnels connecting the pawns and bishop buildings from the Reserve.

The tunnel provides an opportunity to retreat, flank, and kill the raiders. There is still a considerable amount of loot underground, so survivors should pay attention to valuables.

Best buildReserve is 1 of your few maps in Tarkov that supports almost all game styles. PMC can become aggressive and use SMG as the leading role, or sit down and let the action come to them. Guns like MP7 are incredibly suitable for fighting enemies in buildings or underground tunnels. Likewise, any meta assault rifle or semi-automatic rifle is sufficiently public.

Reserve is often a smaller map but has long sightlines. 1 with the best vantage points for sniping is the dome's extraction region.

Dome sniperFrom the cliff, you can almost see the entire map. This area is often a paradise for snipers during the Reserve. In fine weather, you can even see the train station at the other end through the map from the game.

Because there are several spawning points and one extraction point near the area, the dome can also be a small PVP area. Clearing the area before finding a suitable cover area and sniping is an exceptional strategic move. Others also know the background, so it is also essential to scan for enemy snipers below.

Check angleEvery player must move from their spawn level to an evacuation level all over the cliff, and there are many places where PMCs can hide along the way.

In addition to the dome location, a famous sight, gamers also want to learn about all the chess buildings and see the positions between them. Remember that every spawn point will converge around the extraction path. This can sometimes give players all over the north side of your map a considerable advantage, but by understanding the map and being vigilant, gamers will be able to reach the dome.

Where to robAll chess buildings contain valuable trophies. While the knight building has random loot, which varies from raid to raid. The train station is another good place to find valuables.

Any of these marked places will be contested for the majority from the raid. In essence, any large building will have enough loot to be worth the risk and effort.

Two-person strategyWhen playing with teammates, communication is important. Many buildings on Reserve have corresponding buildings, and knowing the name of each building might be confusing. With some practice, players of all skill levels can identify the enemy's area and pass the information to teammates.

The close-range gunfights from the building also provided plenty of opportunities for pushing, pinching, and flanking. Through underground tunnels connecting many buildings, the team can advance under any squatting PMC.

Watch out for Scav Boss GlukharGlukhar is the boss of Scav, which players hope to find from the reserve team. He is generated inside the map location but mainly near the chess building, particularly the pawn building or the knight building.

Glukhar can also be generated near Railyard. There is a group of guards close to him, and everyone has a precise goal. Players should pay attention to him when moving on the map.

Defeat GlukIf PMC can kill him, the boss and his guards will drop a lot of valuable loot. However, if the raiders and the opposing PMC appear in front of a third party, the battle might be frustrating. Glukhar is not a tank like some other bosses, but his guards make landing shooting hard.

Playing within a duo or squad will make chaos easier to deal with. Targeting the guards first and then focusing on Glukhar is usually a superb tactical move. With good weapons and hope to have a few teammates, killing the boss should be easy.

There are long-acting painkillersLike the coastline, the Reserve is often a map where people need painkillers to survive. The dynamics and size on the map mean that PMC will suffer a considerable amount of damage every time it strikes.

Gamers will want to equip Propital and ibuprofen to avoid pain and confusion within a few minutes. Although these drugs are not cheap, players will be happy to invest some EFT roubles when playing Reserve. In many ways, having enough painkillers is additional significant than using meta weapons.

The best way to generate a manual during the ReserveAs we all know, if the player can find and defeat the predator's loot, then the predator's seizure will be incredibly productive. They are randomly generated but are usually close to the significant POIs listed below.

A single effective method for attackers to spawn on Reserve is to press the alarm button inside the cabin on the right side within the white pawn building. They also usually appear near black pawn buildings and knight buildings. If an armored train comes, there will almost always be a few raiders in the train station.

Press the button within the east hut from the white pawn building (generated by the train station)Randomly generated by black pawn buildingsRandomly generated between knight buildingsIf the armored train arrives, it may spawn.

It is beneficial to understand the map's layout in duos and squads and create labels for each spot. On Reserve, there are two different Pawn, Bishop and Knight buildings. Knowing which structure is being called will help the player to identify the enemy's place and rotation.

Since the center with the map is pretty crowded, gamers want to identify the direction of each threat, and it is essential to understand the labeling.

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