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How to Reset Mileage — Easy Steps with Mileage Blocker

Author: Sudarsan Chakraborty
by Sudarsan Chakraborty
Posted: Nov 25, 2021
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Many vehicle owners need to «twist the speedometer». It is the name given to the procedure for changing odometer readings. There is an excellent alternative to the lengthy process of manually adjusting the speedometer — there are ground-breaking devices to stop it. The MileageStopper is a unique tool that connects without soldering, cutting wires, or any other complex modifications. You install it behind the dashboard, and you're done. Depending on the car, the installation of the device takes no more than 1-2 hours.

How speedometer stopper works

This innovative product can be called a filter tuned to pass signals in a specific frequency range. It blocks the transmission of pulses from speed sensors, ABS, and other systems. Thereby:

  • All processes happen safely for the car. The device for stopping the speedometer does not generate any signals. It simply blocks the impulses responsible for changing data on mileage.

  • The run stops in all units and systems where it is recorded.

  • The device is invisible to any diagnostic equipment. Even dealership scanners cannot see the device connected to the vehicle. It makes it suitable even for warranty automobiles.

One of the most wonderful parts is that you can install it yourself on almost any car model.

Installation features

Installation of this device does not require special knowledge, and you can carry it out yourself. It only needs to be installed behind the dashboard. You can customize the modes using special buttons on the steering wheel.

Moreover, such a device is invisible, and it is easy to dismantle it if the need arises.

The operation does not require any particular skills from the car owner. You can control the mileage and adjust it so that the system works in normal mode (and the accurate mileage is counted) or completely stop it. You don't have to guess how much you drove, which means you can carry out maintenance on time.

What are the advantages of a blocker?

Consider the advantages of the device:

  • No extraordinary installation.

  • The device is completely removable and does not have any extra wires.

  • The device records new mileage readings in all redundant blocks, and it is impossible to detect its use.

  • It is small.

Speedometer correction is an intelligent and demanded device that can make life easier for many vehicle owners. An electronic device correctly connected to the car allows you to stop the value of the vehicle's mileage, which in some cases saves money and fuel.

Blocks are entirely removable devices that make it possible to adjust the car's mileage with your own hands. Such devices work on almost any car brand, from compact Audi and representative Mercedes to oversized jeeps. By purchasing such a device, the driver receives numerous benefits, and the most important thing is that he can now control the amount of mileage on his iron horse himself.

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