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Foreign Employment in Malaysia

Author: Aj James
by Aj James
Posted: Nov 27, 2021
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The Role of Foreign Workers in Malaysia

Foreign workers are important for Malaysia’s economy. Not only do they provide income for the country, but also contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. They work in sectors such as construction, manufacturing and service industries. We are witnessing a shift in global labour patterns with an ever increasing number of people travelling to different countries to work. This has resulted into an increase in international migration. Malaysia is one of the top host countries for foreign workers.

Why Employing A Foreign Worker is Beneficial To Your Business

Employing a foreign worker can be advantageous to your business. This is because they offer an inflow of capital, new ideas and entrepreneurial assistance. Employing a foreigner can allow your company to grow and expand at a faster rate and will also help with the economic advantages. It will make your business more productive, as their skill set will likely be complementary to your company's skillset.

Foreign workers can be a valuable asset to any company as they tend to provide economic advantages, such as higher productivity and lower turnover rates. For this reason, many companies are turning to foreign worker recruitment agencies for assistance in hiring and directing their foreign employees.

What is the Foreign Employment Act of Malaysia?

The Foreign Employment Act of Malaysia was enacted to regulate the employment of foreigners in Malaysia. The law applies to business owners who are hiring foreigners. The Act sets out the requirements for foreigners looking for work in Malaysia. For example, it lays out the rules and procedures on how to apply for a work permit, as well as on what kind of jobs can be performed by foreign workers.

The Foreign Employment Act of Malaysia regulates the hiring of foreign skilled workers by requiring that they obtain a valid work permit before starting the job. The Act is enforced by the Immigration Directorates of the Malaysian Home Ministry, which has also been given authority to issue work permits on behalf of the Ministry.

What are the Conditions for Foreigners to Work in Malaysia?

Malaysia's economic development relies on the influx of skilled labor from other countries. This article explores the conditions for foreigners to work in Malaysia, how to get a work permit, and what are the privileges of having a work permit in Malaysia.

  • To be eligible for a foreigners' work permit in Malaysia, you would need to meet the following criteria:
    • You should have an offer letter from an employer who is registered with the Malaysian government.
    • Your employment should not affect the existing workforce or labour market in Malaysia.
    • You need to be skilled in certain areas that are needed by companies in Malaysia at this moment for example: engineering, medicine, finance, etc.
Why you need Manpower agency Malaysia

Companies are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies for their manpower supply needs because they don't have the time or resources to find qualified candidates on their own. It also helps them meet compliance standards when it comes to advertising jobs, set salary rates, etc.

With all the changes in the economic, political, and social landscape that are happening, the need for manpower solutions will rise. That is why you should hire Manpower agency Malaysia to provide solutions for your manpower needs.

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