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What Is Multiple Sclerosis And How Does It Affect The Normal Life of People?

Author: Grain Tuff
by Grain Tuff
Posted: Nov 01, 2014

People may suffer from this particular disease anywhere in their age spanning between 20 to 40 years. In the beginning of the diseases, patients may experience only numbness and there will be no clarity in thinking. Sometimes it may be accompanied with the vision problems as well. One can also find the deficiency in coordination and an imbalance in the movements with a tingling sensation in the legs. It is necessary to consult the doctor immediately once you know that you are suffering from this disease. It is highly advised to work in coordination with your doctor in order to escape from the ill effects of this lifestyle hampering disease. The Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms may vary from one another depending upon various conditions.

It is a disease, where women are affected more than men and nearly 2.5 million people are suffering from this disease across the world. It can be termed as nervous disorder where people suffer from autoimmune defects. Due to the degeneration of the protective covering found on nerve cells, this particular disease occurs. The autoimmune function is very much essential for the body to fight against the disease. Though this is a disease found nearly a century ago, the reasons for this disease is not clearly known even today in spite of the latest development in the medical science. Multiple Sclerosis Phoenix consider every aspect of the medical history before treating patients once they visit the clinic for treatment.

The fact that the disease attacks directly the immune system of the body is most disturbing and it is the fact that curing this disease is extremely difficult. The disease attacks spinal column and brain and causes damage to the optical nerves, which makes it as a dreadful disease. The degeneration of optic nerves causing the damage to the central vision is another significant feature that causes enough worry to doctors. The multiple sclerosis treatment is a complicated process and doctors themselves are confused to a great extent and often confuse this with the other diseases. Muscle spasm, pain in the muscles, numbness and tingling sensation is most common symptoms of this disease. The pain and numbness felt in the hands, fingers, arm and ankles are some of the common signs of the disease.

Stiff muscles and chronic pain is another important feature where patients can observe involuntary jerk with pain in the muscle movements. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis often feel tiredness even after a good sleep and also feel restless. Dizziness is another common symptom of the people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It may or may not accompany with vertigo, but the imbalance state affects movements and controls mobility in the most of the activities. Another most intriguing problem with these patients, whether they are men or women they lose interest in sexual activities and may not reach the orgasm in the activity. Disturbing bowel movement is another important feature; fortunately this can be controlled in the disease. Most of these problems occur due to the result of nerve cells losing its protecting sheath that helps the nerve to identify and send message to the brain.

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