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Difference between traditional teaching and online teaching?

Author: Nisha Desai
by Nisha Desai
Posted: Dec 09, 2021

Traditional teaching is still very common around the world but online learning has been gaining traction since the 1990s. However, it is still very hard to compare the two. Traditional teaching works well for all students because they can get a one-on-one attention from their teacher and also learn the materials at a slower pace which allows them enough time to understand what is going around in class. But online learning provides more freedom of choice as far as learning pedagogy is concerned as to how quickly you want to learn or how much time you have available. Both traditional teaching and online learning have their own pros and cons.

  • The main difference between traditional and online learning is that one happens at a set time and place and the other is self-paced. This gives students more flexibility to work on their own schedule and at times that fit within their daily schedules.
  • The traditional style of learning also requires a student to be present in person while online courses can allow for independent studying without anyone else around, which may be beneficial or not depending on each individual's preferences.
  • Another difference is that traditional classes are all together in one room, while online courses allow for students to be broken up into smaller groups. This is helpful for some students who may need more one-on-one time with their teacher while others feel that they learn better when in a group setting.
  • Another difference between them has to do with the cost of taking an online course. Traditional courses are often free or require very little money, whereas many online courses charge tuition fees. However, This can help with collaboration and learning but it also may lead to distractions, depending on the nature of the class.
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allows for more individualized attention because professors can easily see who is struggling or excelling. They can then focus more time on students who need it. However, this may also lead to micromanagement issues for the teacher if they are not careful about how much time and attention each student requires.

  • One important difference to note is that traditional classes do not require any specific technology while online teaching often requires access to a computer with an internet connection as well as some type of web-based software.
  • Another important difference is that students who take online courses usually have more interaction with their teachers, such as participating in discussion boards and one-on-one chats. This makes it easier to get immediate feedback on assessments or questions they might have about course materials.
  • In online learning, Parents can track their child’s progress in real-time. Whereas, in a traditional setup, it becomes very difficult for the parents to track their child’s progress.
  • Students who take classes through a technology platform usually have more flexibility in their work schedule, which means they can access course materials on any day of the week instead of having to be at school for defined times in a traditional setup.
  • Another difference is that students who take online courses usually have a variety of assessments as opposed to just one or two tests or exams, so they can see their progress over time and know for sure how well they are doing in the coursework.

Although online education has many benefits, such as greater flexibility and lower cost, there are certain things you have to take into consideration before choosing it over traditional education depending on the individual student or situation and their learning pedagogy. Every year, more people are choosing online learning over traditional education. Every year, there is a greater percentage of students who choose to go for online learning than ever before due to different reasons.

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