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Industrial comprehensive crusher | Large production capacity crusher

Author: Rita Wang
by Rita Wang
Posted: Dec 12, 2021

Industrial comprehensive crusher is suitable for the crushing of special-shaped materials and can directly cut longer materials. It can crush irregular logs, bamboo, branches, wooden pallets, and light metals. Shuliy comprehensive crusher is widely used, with high output, strong and durable, and low noise. In short, it can meet the production needs of a large number of wood processing. It is a profitable device. Moreover, we believe that we will cooperate with you happily.

The structure of the Industrial comprehensive crusher

The comprehensive crusher can process ordinary wood and hard materials with metal. Its structure is complex, and its operational safety and material handling capabilities are very high. It mainly includes press rollers, conveyor belts, tiger claw saws, blade saws, hydraulic pumps, magnetic rollers, screens and other accessories.

Working principle of Industrial comprehensive crusher

The wood or bamboo is conveyed by the conveyor belt to the feed inlet, and the pressure roller rotates to wind the raw material into the machine and play a fixed role at the same time. The tiger claw saw or the blade saw rotates and cuts. The material can be discharged when the specification of the material meets the specification of the aperture of the placed screen, otherwise, continue cutting until the specification is reached.

Raw materials for Industrial comprehensive crushers

The comprehensive wood crusher, like its name, has a relatively comprehensive type of raw materials. On the one hand, it can process ordinary wood, bamboo, Chinese medicinal materials, plant rhizomes, etc. On the other hand, it can also process waste wood with nails.

The characteristics of the raw materials that it can handle: wood with a diameter of less than 35cm, the types of raw materials can be mixed and the shape can be irregular, and it can be fed in large quantities at one time.

Buffer device of multi-function crusher

Hydraulic system is a very popular force control device in modern machinery production. It can enlarge the feed opening and drop steadily when large-diameter materials enter, ensuring that the machine does not jam. So its operating characteristics: stable, flexible and safe.

How to choose the right comprehensive crusher parts?

There are many types of accessories for the comprehensive shredder. The following are two combinations we recommend for reference:

Ordinary wood

For ordinary wood because it does not contain hard metals, so you can choose a combination of belt conveyor and blade saw. The blade saw is replaceable. In short, this combination can satisfy general hard material crushing.

Wood with metal

For raw materials with sharp metal, we suggest you choose this combination chain conveyor, tiger claw saw and magnetic roller. The discharge port has a magnetic roller to separate wood chips and metal. The metal chain plate transports raw materials with metal such as wooden pallets and waste wooden boxes. This combination will not damage the accessories, and the throughput is greater.

Large production capacity & magnetic roller crusher price

Shuliy Machinery provides various accessories for comprehensive crushers. What’s more, the prices of accessories with different materials and specifications are also different. We not only can provide integrated diesel engine crushers with wheels, but also can modify the machine structure for customers’ specific requirements. There are many factors affecting the price. If you are optimistic about our equipment, please contact and let us know. We provide you with the right plan and give you an affordable price.

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