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Different types of microneedling

Author: Hemant Latawa
by Hemant Latawa
Posted: Dec 14, 2021
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Microneedling is often known as collision induction and dermarolling therapy which used hundreds of tiny needles that penetrate the skin with an effort to make you look beautiful and it effectively deals with your chronic dermatologic problems. Microneedling aims to bring out healthy young skin by creating a controllable injury beneath the skin surface, thereby the body can induce to respond by more collagen production in the treated area. This is an effective treatment to treat fine lines, wrinkles, appearance stretch marks and scars.

How it works

The treatment uses a small rolling device that contains hundreds of tiny needles which roll on the skin. These needles have thousands of holes that go deep enough to reach the collagen layer on the skin. The damage there is minimal to the skin but it is enough to Trigger an inflammatory effect that produces the skin healing growth factors. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen which rejuvenates the area.

There are different types of micro needling

Microneedling is in high demand because of the popularity of its uses. It has the ability to improve skin appearance with the help of increasing collagen. This makes your skin look healthy and younger. So let us take a look at three different types of micro needling treatments which are very much effective if you want to treat your skin.

The original micro needling

Microneedling is a device that has tiny needles that are pushed on your skin which cause tiny Punctures. The body then starts healing those punctures by producing the new collagen. This treatment will leave blood on your face for one hour. This blood contains many useful growth factors and has anti-ageing boosters. These are the channels that are open temporarily, it is advisable to take time for the blood to get absorbed as effectively as possible. You are going to wipe it it will let you away from the many benefits.

Microneedling + PRP

This treatment is often called Vampire facial. It combines micro needling with PRP the platelet rich plasma. In PRP the blood is taken from your body in which the plasma rich protein will be extracted. PRP injection is good if people want to get a similar effect like filler with Deeper production of collagen. It has more downtime and it is advisable to use it for older patients who are looking to correct acne scars.

Microneedling + radiofrequency

In this procedure, Fractora is used which is FDA approved. It is a non-invasive resurfacing and Rejunavating device that uses a tiny needles Matrix to deliver the best energy of radiofrequency down the skin with tiny pins. Skin tightening, Fractora is an effective micro needling strategy for them.

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