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Buddhist and Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

Author: Alvin Khoo
by Alvin Khoo
Posted: Dec 14, 2021
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Death is a time that is a moment of grief to the family members of the loved one. Whenever someone in the family passes on, this is something that everyone feels really sad. Then it comes to the funeral of the loved ones.

There are many types of Funeral Services in Singapore. In Singapore, the common ones are performed by the religious rites of the deceased. These religious rites are conducted based on the common religions that are denoted in the Singapore landscape.

For funerals in Singapore, the common types of religions that are set in stone for funerals are Buddhist Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral Services and Christian Funeral Services.

In today’s article, we will be exploring some of the common funerals that are conducted by many in Singapore, in remembrance of the life of a loved one’s passing. So sit back and read through, and do take some notes on how these religious rites are conducted.

There are many notes to take into place, especially for funerals in Singapore that involve Buddhist and Taoist rites. This explains why this article is useful to explain all these that are involved in Funerals in Singapore.

Let us start with the following two most popular rites: The Buddhist Funeral Services and the Taoist Funeral Services:

Buddhist Funeral Services

In Buddhism, we believe that there is a Buddha-nature in all of us. Everyone can become a buddha. There are many stages in life that one can have before attaining Nirvana. Therefore, when a person of a Buddhist belief passes on, Buddhist funeral rites will be taking place to ensure that this person is well taken care of.

For Buddhist funeral services, it involves chanting of the phrase Amitofu, which is by means of a peaceful nature that gives the deceased a peaceful journey to proceed on with the afterlife. There will be a monk that will be coming down to give the rites. If you would like to, you can also hire a Funeral Live Band to bring extra memories to the Buddhist Funeral.

After the chanting is done, the members of the deceased loved one will be taking the last walk around the coffin before paying their final respects and chanting the Amitofu chants for the deceased.

The typical price for a Buddhist Funeral Service will be around $4800 for a simple Buddhist funeral. One of the top Buddhist funeral service providers in Singapore is by the reputable company Ang Brothers Funeral Services which is managed by Casper Ang.

Do enquire with them if you would like to have expert advice and management of your loved one’s final journey, with the best Buddhist Funeral Service.

Taoist Funeral Services

In Taoism, it involves praying to the different Gods. In Taoist Funeral Services, there will be a priest that will be coming down to do chants and it is also common to have loud musical instruments at the funeral.

It follows with the bowing to the deceased to pay their final respects to the loved one’s passing, celebrating the life of him or her. After that, the family members and close relatives will be making a final walk around the coffin before moving on to bring the coffin up the hearse for the loved one’s final journey.

In Taoist Funeral Services, one of the best funeral directors for this is also Ang Brothers Funeral Services. They have over 40 years of experience in managing Taoist funerals, which will be of the essence to bringing your loved ones final journey to be the best of the best.

After the priest is done with the chanting, the coffin will be carried on to its final journey and this brings the end of the remembrance of the loved ones for the 3, 5 or 7 day Taoist Funeral Service.

The typical price for a Taoist Funeral Service Package start with $7500 Singapore dollars for a 3-day funeral service, and $8500 for a 5 day Taoist funeral service in Singapore.

Conclusion on Buddhist and Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

There are many types of funeral services in Singapore. There are also many funeral service providers, but not many can claim to have the experience and legitimacy to conduct the best funeral service for your loved ones.

When you are selecting the best funeral service provider in Singapore for your Buddhist Funeral Service and Taoist Funeral Service, be sure to check out their online reviews to ensure they are legitimately a good provider.

How to look at it is by checking if they are having many good reviews online, be it on Google and on Facebook, as well as checking with people who have once engaged their Taoist and Buddhist Funeral Services.

All in, we will recommend Ang Brothers Funeral Services in Singapore to conduct the best funeral services for your loved ones.

As mentioned, they have over 40 years of experience managing funerals in Singapore, and they are one of the top most trustworthy brands managing the final journey of your loved ones.

They also specialize in managing Buddhist Funeral Packages and Taoist Funeral Packages.

Do check up on them online and give them a call to check on their packages. The calls to them are non-obligatory, and you can take it as a sharing session by them to know what is to be done, and what you can expect when your loved ones passes on.

They also do death planning ahead of time, where this is catered to the terminally ill patients who would like to plan for their funeral ahead of time.

Whether you are a Buddhist or a Taoist or a of any religion in Singapore, you can be sure that you would want your loved one’s funeral to be properly done, and have them properly sent off in the most respectable manner.

Do ensure that you have gotten the best service provider for your loved ones, and you can celebrate the life of your loved one in the most respectable manner in accordance to his or her religious rites.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this article has helped you understand a little more about Buddhist and Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore!

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Alvin Khoo is a musician who manages his events company supplying Wedding Live Band at Musical Touch. He writes on an ad hoc basis on topics and live band for Corporate Events.

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