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Facing Problems in removing Eyelashes? Read Here!

Author: Juan Bendana
by Juan Bendana
Posted: Jan 02, 2022

Are you facing problems while removing your eyelashes extension? Do you want to know the safe methods to remove these artificial lash extensions from your eyes? Most of the time, ladies suffered this kind of problem as removing artificial lashes is a difficult task and requires patience.

We will tell you some of the best and effective methods that you can try to safely remove premium artificial lash extensions like Harmony lashes. So let’s check it out.

What is Lash Extension?

Lash Extension or Eyelashes extension is used to make the appearance attractive as it helps in enhancing the depth, length, and natural color of your eyelashes. You can find these eyelashes in any cosmetic shop and order online at a great price and discount.

These artificial extensions are made up of different materials like mink, silk, synthetic, and horsehair. Most of the lash extensions are applied with the help of chemicals like cyanoacrylate adhesive and other given chemicals given with the eyelashes.

Is it safe to use the Lash extension on regular basis?

Well, too much use of anything leads to problems. In the case of Lash extensions, if you apply them regularly on your natural eyelashes, then it will lead to problems like:

      • Swelling
      • Loss of natural eyelashes (permanent or temporary)
      • Skin irritation
      • Infection of the cornea
      • Redness

And many other problems and if it isn’t treated with care then it will lead to some major eyes related to eyes and skin.

How to remove eyelashes extension safely?

If you have applied eyelashes and having trouble removing them, then here are the points that you need to keep in mind to remove the false eyelashes without harming your natural eyelashes.

      • The artificial eyelashes can shed with time as the adhesive starts wearing off.
      • It takes around 4-6 weeks for the lash extension to remove without struggle and problem.
      • However, if you want to take them out instantly, it’s got to visit any salon and let the professionals take care of the lash extension.
      • Don’t go for the home remedies as there are high chances that they will harm your natural eyelashes.
      • You can try the serum that is made for the removal of lash extension as the serum is made up of different ingredients that over-affect the adhesive formula.

    Where should you go for the removal of the Lash Extension?

    Many experts know about the lash extension process and if you want to remove them, then contacting them is the best option for you. You will find many Lash artistry-trained people who go by the name like Lash Technicians, Lash Artists, and Lash Stylists.

    They are trained and certified people who can be able to help you to remove the false eyelashes without any side effects and any damage to your natural eyelashes. You can book an appointment on the internet and also check out their websites for more queries.

    Wrapping Things Up

    With the above information, we can conclude that the customer should use the false eyelashes carefully and with proper precautions. It’s better to appoint some expert rather than experiment with the lash extension by you only.

    Companies like Harmony lash and others offer their services and also make sure that you can look out for quality-based eyelashes only.

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Author: Juan Bendana

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