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How To Buy And Store Figs After Buying Them From Fig Distributors

Author: Pampa Store
by Pampa Store
Posted: Jan 08, 2022

The fig is an exotic fruit which have a thin leathery skin and the skin is edible too.It is a pear-like fruit and its colour is determined by its variety: black, purple, green or yellow. The interior part of the figs are fleshy which has a sweet taste, and it has small seeds which are edible. You can get a wide variety of figs from Fig Distributors selling figs online.

Figs are part of the ficus family, where the very first flowers bloom after 2 to 3 years of planting them. The flowers develop into fruit within a period of 3 months. Once planted, fig trees produces the fruit for decades. The figs are collected very carefully and this process is done manually as any mechanised method can break the delicate figs. These are then transported to packing stations where selection of quality figs are done.

How To Select Fresh And Good Quality Figs

The fresh figs have a very short shelf life. They must be picked from the trees when they are ripe, because once picked, they do not ripe any further. The period between mid- June to mid of October, is the prime season for harvesting fresh figs. As already mentioned that fresh fig’s shelf life is very brief, so they can stay fresh for a maximum of seven to ten days of harvesting. So when you buy figs from Fig Distributors, buy them as and when you require them as you may have about three to four days at the most to use them at home.Select those figs that are clean and dry, and check that their skin is smooth and unbroken. The fruit should not be mushy. Use your nose and smell the fruit. When figs get beyond their shelf life, they begin to rot inward and also lose their round shape.

How To Store Fresh Figs

To keep your figs fresh, keep them in cold place as this will slow down the deterioration process. Either you use them immediately after buying, or store then in a plastic bag or air tight container and place them your refrigerator for up to two to three days. Prior to its use, defrost it, remember to take extra care while handling as they are super delicate fruits.

Canned Or Dried Figs

The figs when fresh, are too delicate, and due to this reason, its popular alternative is the canned or dried figs.You can easily find them with the Fig Distributors at an inexpensive price. The canned figs remain in good condition for near about a year.Do not worry if you have opened more than the required amount of the canned fig, store the leftovers in a covered container in your refrigerator for up to a week. The dried figs can be stored at room temperature in its original sealed package and it can remain good for a month. If you want to store them for a longer period of time, keep them in your refrigerator, and they are good to go for six months or even a year.

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