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Debunking Common Myths about Depression

Author: Jason Pace
by Jason Pace
Posted: Jan 13, 2022

Mental illness is common in Australia. About one in five, about 20%, Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year. The most common mental illness are depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. Although mental illness is common and lots of people experience it, many aren’t aware of the signs and symptoms. Unfortunately, this is one of the significant reasons why only a few Australians seek treatment. In addition, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding depression. Knowing the facts can help reduce the stigma, seek help at the right time, and more importantly, make informed decisions. So, we have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about depression.

Depression Will go Away on Its Own

Indeed a myth, especially in severe cases. Some people assume that the person needs a good sleep and he/she would be better. But, the truth is they need help. Depression is real, and it can be treated. You’ll need the right depression treatment to treat the symptoms. If you are depressed and feel stuck, please speak to your physician and get some help. Talking out can help you in many ways.

Depression Isn’t Real

Some claim that depression isn’t real, and it’s all in the head. The fact is depression is a legitimate mental illness related to function, brain chemistry, structure, and in rare cases, environmental and biological factors are involved. Depression can result in aches and pains, sleeping too much or little, lethargy, feelings of hopelessness, sadness, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. However, every individual must know that depression is real, treatable through medication, depression therapy, and psychotherapy, and recovery is possible.

There Has to be a Reason for Depression

While traumatic events, uncertain situations, and unfortunate things can contribute to the onset of depression, genetics and brain chemistry plays a significant role. Hence, it’s not necessary that there should be a reason for depression. People can feel depression for no reason at all. There should be anything particularly happening outside for a person to experience depression. It can affect anyone at any time due to various reasons.

Medications are the Only Treatment

Of course, antidepressants can help improve the symptoms and the way the brain uses chemicals that’s responsible for managing mood and stress. But, antidepressants don’t work for all types of depression, and it doesn’t necessarily have to work for everyone. Psychotherapy and TMS are some of the effective treatment options for depression.

For further queries or if you feel that you’re depressed, please call our depression clinic. Our therapists are just a call away.

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