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Importance of Energy-efficient Appliances

Author: Ingersoll Rand
by Ingersoll Rand
Posted: Nov 07, 2014

Inadequately sized appliances and inefficient cooling and heating systems might increase your electricity bills, as these appliances will consume more power and energy to maintain the right temperature at your home. Therefore, it is imperative to have energy efficient appliances installed in one’s homes.

Reasons to have energy-efficient appliances

Some of the major reasons to have energy-efficient appliances at your homes are as follows:

  • Energy-efficient appliances can save up to 30% on your electricity bills.
  • Usage of energy efficient halogen bulbs, LEDs and CFLs instead of incandescent lights that enable one to save around 30% to 80% on energy bills.
  • Energy-efficient actions like washing clothes in cold water and having newer, energy-efficient washing machines installed which consume less power will help reduce power consumption and subsequent energy bills. One should choose a washing machine that uses cold cycles effectively, as this reduces the need of machine drying; thereby, limiting energy consumption.
  • Energy-efficient appliances help in keeping the environment clean as they reduce pollution. Energy-efficient appliances do not produce any harmful emissions that vitiate the environment. Also, energy-efficient appliances provide optimal functionality by using lesser energy; thereby saving the environment from pollution. These energy efficient models also work for lesser amount of time compared to the non energy-efficient appliances.
  • Energy-efficient refrigerators have the capability of defrosting automatically and are appropriately sized as per the requirement of the family. This helps in saving energy because refrigerators are the biggest energy drawers of the house and they amount to up to one sixth of the electricity bill of the complete household.
  • Energy-efficient dishwashers help in saving the most important resource, which is water, along with electricity. Options like "Short Cycle" and "No Heat" drying options helps in cutting down the usage of electricity and water. These options are available on the energy-efficient variants of the dishwashers. These dishwashers use less water and energy for dishes that are minimally soiled.
  • Energy-efficient appliances like modern day dryers use gas instead of electricity thereby saving more energy. They assist on keeping the environment clean and do not contribute to threats like global warming. Combination of energy-efficient water drier machines use less power than running two separate machine to wash and dry clothes; thereby, saving a lot on the energy consumption.• The energy-efficient air conditioners today have higher-efficiency fan motors, heat transfer surfaces and compressors compared to the older versions. These units with higher efficiency cut down the consumption of energy by around 20% to 50%.
  • Older water heaters consume more energy than the new energy-efficient ones. Water heaters amount up to 14% of your energy bill; therefore, it makes more sense to replace the outdated water heaters with the energy efficient ones that consume less power and energy to heat the water.

Therefore, ensure that you take the above mentioned factors into consideration while choosing electronic gadgets, equipment or appliances for your house so that you have an energy-efficient home. An energy-efficient home will not only save money but will also help you to contribute towards a greener tomorrow by safeguarding the environment. Opting for energy-efficient appliances is one of the easy steps that will help you execute your responsibility towards a sustainable environment.

At Ingersoll Rand India, the sole aim is to work towards bringing energy efficient solutions to the doorstep of humanity. They research and development team works day and night to ensure that the innovative solutions reach mankind to bring about sustainable development. Their compressed air solutions aim towards conserving energy for industries around the globe.

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Ingersoll Rand India are committed to meeting the world's growing constant and, critical needs for clean and comfortable air, secure homes and buildings, safe and fresh food, energy efficiency and sustainable business practices.

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