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Muniba mazari inspirational and motivational story

Author: Sonadhan Chakma
by Sonadhan Chakma
Posted: Jan 16, 2022

With each deadline and obligation that flashed across her mind, she felt her motivation dwindle. Bianca remembered the incentive pills she had acquired from the Good Value Pharmacy last week as she began to wither and wilt within.

Yellow pills were branded 'Money,' pink pills were labeled 'Pride,' green pills were labeled 'Family,' purple pills were named 'Respect,' and some ugly grey tablets were labeled 'Nagging Advice.' As he dispensed the tablets, the chemist informed her that some would work for her and others would not... he could never predict which pills would work for which consumers. Bianca grabbed for the one she knew would be perfect for her with that advice in mind and a smile on her lips...

Working out what drives you is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself on your road to self-discovery. The first step is to figure out what your values are, as they are the source of your inspiration and the driving force behind everything you do. When something is important to you, you will always find the drive and energy to achieve it. You will constantly struggle to find the drive and energy to do something if you do not value it.

What matters to you are your values. They are the basic ideas that govern your life decisions and create the foundation of your personality. How you spend your time is also influenced by your ideals. If your most important value is health, for example, you will spend your time in a very different way than someone whose most important value is a job or family.

Yourmotivation is also driven by your values. You will not pursue a path of action unless it is related to something you value. Identifying your values allows you to jump-start your own motivation, set appropriate goals, and devote time to the things that matter to you.

Your values are influenced by a variety of factors, including your family, friends, religion, school, teachers, country, and media. Significant emotional events such as natural disasters, emotional abuse, worldwide depression, or war can also shape them at any point in your life.

As you grow older, your values shift. When you change your values, some of your beliefs and the way you live your life will change as well.

Your motivation is driven by your values. You will have the drive to assist you to reach your goals if you set goals that are in line with your values. Setting goals that are incompatible with your values will make achieving them a difficult task.

You will gain a tremendous understanding of why you achieve the things that you do in life after you grasp your values and their impact on how you are now motivating yourself. You'll also learn how to better encourage yourself in the future.motivational can arise from within (intrinsic motivation) or from without (external motivation) (extrinsic motivation).

When you do something just for the purpose of doing it, you are engaging in intrinsic motivation. According to Albert Bandura's studies, those who have more self-efficacy (confidence in their own capacity to affect their environment) are more intrinsically motivated than others.

'Away from motivation', on the other hand, provides you with a strong initial motivation to go away from anything you don't want in your life. The difficulty with this form of motivation is that it makes you wait until things are horrible before acting to improve them. Another issue is that you don't have an objective or goal to work toward (only something to avoid), therefore you don't tend to achieve outcomes.

In terms of her weight, Sophia employs 'away from' motivation. As a result, she's a typical yo-yo dieter. This is how her method works. Sophia notices that she is overweight when she looks in the mirror. 'I don't want to be overweight anymore,' she tells herself. She then embarks on a diet in order to lose weight. (She is attempting to lose weight.) When she looks in the mirror, she notices that she is no longer obese and that she looks great. She has just lost her source of the drive now that she is no longer overweight (to no longer be fat). She no longer adheres to the diet and abandons her workout routine due to a lack of enthusiasm.

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