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How Do Hackers Hack a Phone?

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Jan 15, 2022
phone hacking

Of all the warning signs, there may be some subtle signs that your phone is hacked. This is commonly neglected because of the little knowledge about phone hacking. And this could be prevented if unusual activities are thoroughly investigated.

The Alarming Signs

Hackers have different methods of getting you into the trap of hacking incidents. These mobile/phone hack could range from snatching your phone to sending you a website that might interest you. Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods of phone hacking.

Through emails with viruses, they would infiltrate and gather your information such as bank details, personal contact details, subscription information, etc. Here are the clear signs of phone hack activities to give you knowledge:

Draining Phone Batteries Life: There are other factors behind phone batteries draining fast. However, if these factors are checked and eliminated, this could be an alarming sign of hacking.

Unusual Pop-Ups: Notifications are part of each app feature. However, if these pop-ups are strange and not familiar to you, this is another sign of a mobile/phone hack.

Phone Texts and Calls: Phone texts and calls that you do not make is a very clear sign of phone hacking.

Changes in Data Usage: A sudden spike in data usage is another warning sign that someone has infiltrated your phone.

Accounts Activity and Bill Charges: Unexpected bill charges and unusual activity with the accounts incorporated with these charges are another way to spot hacking activities.

New Apps on Home Screen: New apps that keep appearing on your screen could be a red flag of malware and other malicious exploitation.

How Do Hackers Hack a Phone?

The signs mentioned above are executed through technology-growing innovations. To give you an idea, here are the ways how your phone can be hacked:

  • The most common way of hacking is by sending an email. Do not click whenever you receive a suspicious email with an attachment or link on it.
  • Another way for you to be hacked is by downloading apps that could spy on your phone activity. Like Google App Store, each app store has a security standard to protect you from these kinds of apps. Be sure to check it.
  • If you are a victim of account hacking, quickly change your passwords to all accounts you have on a different device.
  • For instance, you are a victim of WhatsApp hack incidents. Hackers could get your private information through WhatsApp. And these hackers could use this information to hack your phone and other accounts.
  • Using a public internet and charging station is another way for you to be hacked. Make sure to use VPN and cybersecurity apps to protect yourself from WhatsApp hacks and other similar attacks.

In the worst-case scenario, you are already hacked. For the last remedy, then factory reset your phone to remove all the malware.

Final Words

Preventive measures are the most important action for you to protect yourself from hacking incidents. However, these sneaky hackers could always find a way to get your information. With all the information above, this could help you to get through hacking incidents. For more assistance, you could call your account provider or your phone provider for any further technical help.

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