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Learn Quran Online And Online Quran Learning For Kids

Author: Muneeb Khan
by Muneeb Khan
Posted: Jan 19, 2022

The Quran means "the reading" or "the recitation" of the holy book. It refers to the divinely revealed truth given to Holy Prophet. Since Muhammad is the last Prophet of Allah almighty and the Quran is thought to be the previous Sacred Book from Allah to humanity. Quran is the sacred words of Allah and revealed in the Arabic language.

Quran is the sacred and profound book of Allah. It contains guidance for human beings and ensures how to be prosperous and what will happen here and after. Yet Muslim in a non-Muslim country does not access to go mosque regularly and learn Quran. In this way, parents and children must find another way to learn the Quran regularly. Many websites and online academies give access to learn the online Quran learning for kids effectively. With the use of new technology, it has become easier to look for websites and know what you want.

Importance of Quran Learning For Kids

he importance of learning the Holy Quran, in particular, is evident from the first revelation that Allah gave on His last Prophet. The very first verses of the revelation say:

"Read in the name of Allah Almighty and Cherisher, Who created Human out of a minor of congealed Blood" (Chapter Number 96 & Verse number 1-2)

Hence, from its very starting, Islam has been a supporter of learning Quran for kids, and what superior book for learning can be other than the Holy Quran, which is the word of Allah Almighty. Further, about learning of Quran, the Following HADITH of our Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) speaks for itself:

"The most worthy of you is he who has read the Quran and then taught it to others! (BUKHARI)

Since the learning of the Holy Quran and its teaching is one of the holy acts that every Muslim can perform.

Benefits Of Online Quran Learning With IQuranschool

Muslims use the Holy Quran to be the actual Speech of Allah given to Muhammad in the Arabic language. During Prophet Muhammad’s mission, the Quran verses were revealed over close to 23 years, from 610-632 C.E.

Islam teaches that Muhammad is the last Prophet, and we should follow him till the judgment day. Muhammad is also viewed as the main one for completing Allah’s guidance to humanity.

The scope of his mission is seen as including all people till the judgment day rather than a specific region, group or society. Moreover, his life serves as a perfect model of practising Islam fully to live a pure life. Here are some advantages of online Quran learning with us.

Flexible Timings In Online Quran Academies

Our Online Quran Academy gives time flexibility to every student. If you have a hectic schedule, it is tough to go somewhere at a specific time to learn the Quran & Islam. But with our online Quran tutors, you are not impeded by your daily routine, and there is no need to go outside. With us, you can access your teachers24/7 from all parts of the world. You can learn Quran online from your home. Our courses material and lessons are also accessible online.

Availability Of Qualified And Expert Tutors Near Me

Allah Almighty revealed the Quran in the classic Arabic language. Classical Arabic is distinct from the regular Arabic language. So, to learn and understand the Quran, a good teacher must require. Our online IQuranschool made it easy for you to access the best Quran tutors near me. Most people live in non-Muslim countries, and it is tough to find a Quran tutor for their kids. So, if you want to hire an expert Quran tutor, choose us today. We also provide female Quran tutors for Muslim sisters. In this way, our Muslim sisters can also learn the Quran from home.

Affordable Online Quran Academy For Kids

Increase in tuition fees have been a problem for parents for many years. But IQuranschool gives you all a chance to learn Quran at affordable fees. Our Online Quran tutors offer you very cost-effective learning of the Quran & Islam. Initially, we also provide a free trial session, and you can judge us for free.

With us, there is no need to go and no travel cost at all. So, only a fast and stable internet connection is required. In non-Muslim countries, hiring a Quran teacher can be very costly for parents. Therefore, our online Quran learning is a convenient and cheaper option.

Consistency and Punctuality With Online Quran Learning

A good and expert tutor assures you that you can get better in some ways. So, there is no risk of with the power of the online teaching method. With our online platform, you can select the teacher by setting the time of your choice. Our teachers enable students to learn quickly by using the online Quran learning method. Your assigned teachers will make and share the daily lesson with you. We also offer a Quran Tajweed course to learn and understand by taking online Quran classes.

Convenient Learning Environment & Security

There is not anything suitable for you than that you can teach Quran onine at home. Online Quran learning is a more convenient way than the usual method of Quran learning. With us, you don’t have to drive anywhere else to attend Quran classes. Online Quran learning grants you many choices in which you can set the time as you want. These all factors motivate many people to learn Quran Online from their homes.

There is no possibility of contact during online classes and leanr quran from home for kids. So, parents can watch their kid’s in front of them without any effort and care. Online Quran learning is perhaps the best and the safest choice.

Global Demand For Online Quran Education

We provide our services internationally. Getting an online Quran and Islam education is common these days. Modern technology and the internet is everywhere now. No matter where you sit, you can attend your online Quran classes. Our online platform helps you from the reading of the Quran to memorization by following our online courses.

Though, we also try to promote our religious affiliation by helping with this fundamental learning of Islam. Living in western society and providing quality Quran education to kids and adults through our online academy is no less than a blessing.

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