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Why is Logistics Important in Supply Chain Management?

Author: Benjamin Franklin
by Benjamin Franklin
Posted: Jan 21, 2022


As global trade is boosting, millions of products are transported among different countries on a daily basis. With the increasing consumer demands, logistics has become an essential component of supply chain management.

Dubai which is considered to be the ‘logistics hub’ of the world acts as the entrance point to various markets. The efficient freight forwarding in Dubai makes the transportation of millions of products possible on a daily basis.

Strategic planning in logistics helps streamline the transportation and delivery processes which helps different businesses to succeed and get customer satisfaction. So how important logistics is in supply chain management? Let’s find out.

No one can deny that getting logistics services, an organization can

  • Increase its productivity

  • Lower the cost

  • Make quick deliveries

  • Increase visibility

  • Effectively manage the inventory

What does Logistics do in the supply chain?

Mainly logistics in the supply chain management help manage the following operations

  • Packaging of products

  • Transportation of products

  • Customs related work

  • Dealing with the intermediaries

  • Managing return products through reverse logistics

  • Streamlining supply chain operations

  • Cost reduction

Below, some points are discussed to explain the importance of logistics in supply chain management.

Effective management of products

Nowadays, with the help of mobile phones and the internet, people have constant access to products and they can order anytime, anywhere. Moreover, no matter where the customer is located, they demand quick and flawless delivery of their products. Professional and effective logistics help businesses to look after minor needs.

In order to fulfill the modern demands of customers of cost-effective and reliable shipping, companies create a logistics outline in which each component is focused individually. This, in turn, lessens the cost and ensures efficient and reliable shipping of products leads to customer satisfaction. Logistics assists companies take care of the

  • Main criterion

  • Central procedures

  • Long-term goals of the supply chain.

Quick deliveries

We all know that if a company is not delivering on time, it can lose customers. Moreover, with the latest technologies, same-day deliveries and 24-hour shipping is becoming popular. With companies like Amazon competition in the market has witnessed a spike.

In order to survive and succeed in the competitive environment, relying on effectively coordinated logistics may help you satisfy your customers. Timely delivery is an important goal for a company. Logistics management makes sure that customers receive their products on time.

Positive business results

As an organization develops and expands, it becomes more dependent on the smooth running of supply chain operations. The logistics component of supply chains is important regarding improving effectiveness and productivity in all sizes of businesses big or small. Logistics has a fundamental role in supply chain management as it assists a company to plan and facilitate the transportation of items securely and cost-effectively leading to positive business results.

Create value

Offering some incentive to customers can include offering products with better quality or more amount or quantity of products and their availability. As effective logistics can make your items more accessible to an expanding audience, it serves as a crucial way to create value in the business for its customers.

The main logistics methodologies accomplish more and create incentives for your customers. The availability of products increases their value and vice versa. For an expanded business, the availability of products can be challenging but strategic logistics planning can help you achieve that. Logistics help deal with the transportation and distribution requirements with great efficiency.

Logistics makes and expands the worth organizations offer by improving the quality of products, and guaranteeing the accessibility of items.

Customer satisfaction

Your business may have the tactic to attract new customers through your powerful marketing, but making the customers loyal is another thing and logistics may help you achieve that. You need to ensure you reliably get your orders in on schedule and resolve customer issues rapidly.

It is important to have reliability in an organization to keep up your customer base and have a constant flow of income. A good logistics technique ensures that you can fix problems in your inventory network that are not reliable enough for your customers. Happy customers are the most valuable resource for any business. They are the fundamental drive for different stages of the supply chain.

Inventory management

The more successfully you can deal with your logistics, the better your inventory handling will be. Your inventory operations are profoundly subject to the type of products that you sell. If it consists of food, your logistics procedure ought to build up a distribution center inventory management that limits the wastage of products.


Any business big or small recognizes the significance of logistics. They know that including effective logistics in the supply chain is a critical component to keep pace with the growing customer demands and to get ahead of competitors.

Moreover, if you plan to expand your business, logistics can help cut on the expenses and time that you spend to move products from one point to another.

Supply chain operations are perplexing and delicate as they rely upon ever-evolving customer demands.

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