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Custom clip in hair extensions

Author: Kmx Tend
by Kmx Tend
Posted: Jan 23, 2022

Custom clip in hair extensions

Custom clip in hair extensions are a quick and simple solution to get longer, fuller hair. They don't need to be bonded for a long time and can't harm you. They may be used to add length, volume, and even highlights to your hair in a matter of minutes.

Hair clips are used to connect clip-in hair wefts horizontally in multiple rows to the hair. It's a simple and safe hair extension procedure that allows your consumers to simply modify their appearance. Women who enjoy altering their appearance from time to time will undoubtedly love these hair extensions.

They are available in one or many wefts and are clipped onto your hair. These clips may be attached by yourself. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Our clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% Human Remy Hair of the highest quality, making them one of the best clip-in extensions on the market. Our clip-in extensions are easy to color and style, have a long wash life, and don't get frizzy or dry. The clips are constructed of stainless steel and are coated in a tone-in-tone hue for a seamless connection. A thin rubber line inside the extension clips ensures the strongest attachment and prevents the clip in from slipping out of the hair. The adaptability of clip-in hair extensions is what makes them so appealing. Nobody will be able to tell you're wearing them!

They seem real because the smooth 100 percent Remy human hair mixes easily and without harm into your own hair. These clip-in extensions have the clips already connected, so they're quick and easy to apply and may completely alter your style in minutes. Hair may be curled and straightened. Clip in hair extensions are simple to care for and will keep their softness for months!

Our clip-in human hair extensions, like all of our goods, come in a wide range of colors, textures, weights, and lengths, allowing you to personalize your new hairdo to your liking. Why not experiment and see how many various styles you can come up with so much variety? We've all seen photographs of superstars with gleaming, glossy manes in publications, but few of us realize how genuine this potential is.

Installing Clip-in Extensions in Two Ways

The two simple installation procedures shown here will have you up and running in no time.

1. The Method of Loose Hair

If you want to let your natural hair out, the Loose Hair Method is the way to go. This is the easiest way to put your Custom clip in hair extensions and a terrific technique to give your natural hair more volume and length.

  • To begin, separate your hair at the nape of your neck and insert a clip-in weft that spans the portion; we recommend starting with the 3-clip wefts.
  • Continue splitting your hair in 1.5" portions and putting the clip-in weft or combination of clip-in wefts that fits across the area as you work your way up.
  • To keep your hair as flat as possible, save the bigger 4 or 5-clip weft for the top of your head.
  • Continue working in a u-shape around your head to mix your clip-ins from front to back and top to bottom.
  • After you've inserted your clip-ins, you may curl or style them as desired.
2. The Braid down Method

Install your clip in utilizing the Braid down Method if you're using your extensions as a somewhat protective style. Before you begin, separate off a tiny bit of your natural hair around your part and hairline, and then braid down the remaining hair.

  • Install a clip-in weft that fits over the portion starting at the nape of your neck; we recommend starting with the 3-clip wefts.
  • Continue to attach the clip-ins in a u-shape around your head, allowing about 1.5 inches between each row.
  • Once you've reached your loose hair, start splitting parts of the hair and inserting the clips while working your way up and around your head. This will guarantee that the Custom clip in hair extensions blend in with the rest of your hair and are not solely positioned at the rear of your head.
  • To get a flawless finish, save the bigger wefts for the top areas of your hair, just like the Loose Hair Method.
  • After you've inserted your clip-in, you may curl or style them as desired.

How Do You Remove Clip-in Hair Extensions Correctly?

It's time to remove the extension once you've finished using it. While hair extensions are made by a variety of companies, the basic concept is the same. This implies there are certain general guidelines to follow while eliminating them.

  • Ensure that the hair is tangle-free.

Take time to ensure the troublesome areas are removed if the hair is matted, stiff, or tangled as a result of the further usage of the product (such as holding sprays or gels). Before attempting to remove the clip-in hair extensions, the hair must return to its original state.

Detangling products or a light mist of water may be required. Using your fingers or a brush, work your way through the hair. Alternatively, a large-toothed comb can be used to assist remove any clumping from holding goods. Before you continue, make sure you've smoothed out any tangled areas in your hair.

  • Divide hairs into sections

Just above where the extensions were applied, part the hair. This will indicate the location of the attachments to the hair. You can also separate your natural hair slightly below where the clip-ins have been applied if you desire. This extra step will make it a little simpler to remove them.

  • Remove the Clip-In Hair Extensions

With one hand holding your hair, carefully raise and slip the Custom clip in hair extensions out. Be aware of any pulling on your scalp when doing this.

Stop pulling on your hair and start detangling it a little more if you feel like you're pulling it too much. This will aid you in avoiding hair loss.

Press your thumbs down and use your index fingers to exert pressure outward during the removal procedure.

The clip should be simple to open. If a section contains more than one clip, you must first open all of the clips before pulling out the section's extensions.

  • Detangle the Clip-In Hair Extensions

Examine the clip-in hair extensions after removing them from the hair to make sure there are no knots.

Smooth out the hair using a brush or comb (and, if required, a detangling solution).

You may just use your fingers if the hair is not too tangled.

  • Dry and Store the Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you used a thin spray of water on the clip-in extensions, let them air dry before storing them.

If you're short on time, utilize the lowest blow dryer setting feasible.

After you've dried the Custom clip in hair extensions, store them until you're ready to use them again.

Choose a cold, dry location to keep them, preferably in a case. At all times, make sure the extensions are not exposed to direct sunlight. UV lamps may swiftly break down the hair, causing it to fade and seem aged. The extension will deteriorate as a result of this.

Make sure they're kept in a box that's long and broad enough to accommodate the entire length. If you put them in a cluster, they will collect moisture and become entangled over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to take care of my clip-in hair extensions?

  • Brush your extensions and hair before using them.
  • Harsh chemicals including as bleach, chlorine, alcohol, sulphate, keratin, and protein should not be used on your extensions since they will remove the oils from the extensions, leaving them dry, brittle, and knotted.
  • It's vital to only use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner on your extensions.
  • Unless you're using them on a daily basis, clip-in hair extensions don't need to be washed very often.
  • After washing your extensions, brush them lightly and let them air dry.
  • When it comes to storing your extensions, it's ideal to wait until they're completely dry after washing them.
  • To minimize tangles, braid your extensions before night and while they're being kept.
  • Dyeing your hair extensions is not recommended since it will reduce their quality and longevity.

Is it necessary for me to hire a professional to put my clip-in hair extensions?

Our Custom clip in hair extensions were created for those who desire quick volume and thickness without having to visit a salon. In only a few minutes, you may apply them to your hair at home.

If my hair is short, can I use clip-in hair extensions?

Our clip-in hair extensions have been created in such a way that they may be worn by anyone. The more pieces you need for a smooth mix, the shorter your hair is. For the greatest results, we recommend utilizing our Ultimate Volume Clip in Hair Extensions package.

What is the lifetime of my clip-in hair extensions?

Our clip-in hair extensions are created from the best quality Remy human hair, but the longevity of your extensions is determined by how well you care for them and how often you wear them. If properly cared for, our clip-in extensions can last up to 12 months.

Is it possible to wash my clip in hair extensions?

Your clip-ins may absolutely be washed! To extend the life of your extensions, we recommend using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Brushing your extensions before washing them is essential. This will help to prevent knots and tangles from forming throughout the drying process. Although it is ideal to let your extensions air dry, applying heat to the hair is still perfectly safe.

How Can You Customize Your Hair Extensions?
  • Select the Colors You Desire

Our Custom clip in hair extensions are available in a variety of hues. No worries if you can't locate the colors you want. We can make these to your specifications. Simply email us your specifications or a sample, and we'll get to work right away!

  • Effects of Color

We have many color effects available to improve the look of your hair extensions. If you have any additional color effects in mind, please let us know!

  • Types of Tips

You may select between two fantastic tip varieties. We have the lace weft and the seamless tip. The seamless tip is small, undetectable, and sits flat on your head, while the lace weft is a traditional design that ensures optimum comfort.

  • Packaging

Because the packaging has such an influence on your business, we want you to pick the color and design. Bring your imagination to life and submit us your ideas to make your business stand out!

Pros & Cons of Using Clip-in Hair Extensions Pros of using Clip in Hair extensions

Clip-in hair wefts offer the obvious benefit of allowing your clients to improve the volume and length of their haircuts at home and on their own.

  • They Are Temporary

Women enjoy experimenting with their appearances by matching them to their mood or the occasion. Clip-in hair extensions are a simple way to do this. You may easily remove them and switch to another hairstyle if you want.

  • Effortless Application

Another advantage of Custom clip in hair extensions is that they may be attached in a matter of minutes. Because you can rapidly clip and remove these hair extensions, you may experiment with your appearance as much as you like. You also won't have to pay a professional or a stylist to do it for you, which will be more expensive.

  • They Can Be Worn Anywhere

You can take your clip-ins with you everywhere you go. You can be certain that your clip-ins will not let you down whether you're heading to the gym to work out or to the beach to relax and enjoy an afternoon swim.

  • They don't cause any harm.

You don't have to worry about clip-in hair extensions hurting your hair. They won't use any adhesives, and they won't stitch your hair, which might cause harm. They can be applied and removed with no risk of hair tugging or tangling because they use clips.

  • You Can Style Them

Hair extensions come in a variety of types, but even if you only have a few, you may style them to modify your appearance. To create long, beachy waves, curl, straighten, and then blow-dry them. You may style them anyway you like without fear of harming them

  • They Encourage Relaxation

Even if this is your first time wearing hair extensions, the clip-ins will make you feel at ease. The clips used are non-abrasive and light. As a result, wearing hair extensions will feel virtually as if you aren't wearing them at all!

Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions
  • Need a Good Care

While caring for your Custom clip in hair extensions does not need much effort, it does necessitate some daily upkeep to keep them looking fantastic and ready to use. After each usage, brush the hairpieces and wash them with a moderate shampoo. Detangles and leave-in conditioners may also be required. Furthermore, the pieces should be kept on a level, dry surface away from direct sunlight, preferably in a moisture-proof container.

  • You Must Correctly Attach Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions that are not properly connected may fall out at any time during the day. To avoid this, make sure wefts are tightly attached before leaving the house, either by a stylist or by yourself. When you're wearing them, try not to pull on them.

  • Clip-Ins Can Be Hard With Short Hair

Custom clip in hair extensions might be difficult to wear on those with short hair. The clips may become noticeable, and for short hair extension users, length matching is critical.

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions Could Be Too Heavy

If you misuse or attempt heavier clip-ins, this type of hair extension may cause pulling and pull-out hair. The weight may exert an excessive pressure on the scalp's natural hair. This is especially true for those whose hair is fine or thinning.

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