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Convex Colostomy Bag Basics

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Nov 07, 2014
convex pouch

There are several types of pouching systems, defined by the different types of pouches and connects the pouches use. One way to categorize colostomy pouches is by their shape flat or convex. Flat colostomy bags or barriers, which are often what is used in the hospital, lay flat against the skin, and the connection also lies flat. However, a convex bag does not. It is curved in toward your body. This shape presses more tightly against the skin, but more importantly, it allows the stoma to be more exposed. This in turn allows the stoma to be more deeply seated in the connection, which makes leakages less likely.

Benefits of a Convex Pouch

  • A more secure connection often means that the bag stays stable and seated for longer without needing to be adjusted.
  • Less chance of having either feces or urine leak from the bag.
  • Peace of mind knowing that leakages won’t happen and that adjustments are few and far between will keep you feeling calmer and less stressed out.
  • Ease skin irritation or stop it from occurring completely especially if it was due to leakages.
  • Longer wear time means less time changing it, and that means more time living your life rather than dealing with colostomy related chores.

Indications that a Convex Pouch Should be Used

  • If you’re experiencing skin irritation because you’re dealing with leakage due to any of the following, a convex pouch may be the answer:
  • Stomas that are flush with the skin or even below its surface
  • Very poor muscle tone or softness in the abdomen
  • Wrinkles, scars, or other disruptions in the skin near the stoma that prevent a good seal
  • The wear time of your pouch simply isn’t sufficient for your lifestyle, and it’s severely impairing your ability to remain active.

Convex Pouch Facts

  • The first time you wear your new convex system, have it fitted by a nurse or a doctor, so you have a good idea of what the proper fit should look and feel like
  • Plan a follow-up visit with the doctor to ensure that the pouch is working correctly and solving your issues
  • The curve of the pouch matters, and pouches come in a variety of different curve types. Work with your doctor or caregiver to determine whether a shallow, medium, or deep curve is best for your body and stoma type
  • Keep in mind that even a more expensive upfront investment may save you money over time, especially if it really increases the wear time of your pouch

Different Types of Convex Pouches

Convex colostomy bags come in many different types. There are, for example, moldable barriers and barriers that can be cut to fit in order to ensure that even an irregularly shaped stoma can be accommodated. Precut convex, on the other hand, are often less expensive but offer less customization. For an even more customized fit, patients can also get custom made convex pouches which are designed to fit their body.

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