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Why is scaffold tower a valuable tool for tradespersons and house owners?

Author: Shahid Hussan
by Shahid Hussan
Posted: Feb 05, 2022

Have you ever tried to wash windows or paint trim on the second floor of a building? If so, you've probably learned from this experience that it's not an easy chore, especially if you're using a ladder. It is unsafe and may result in an accident or harm. So, what's the other option? A scaffold tower is frequently the best option. Many households and tradespeople have utilized them successfully for various maintenance and DIY projects.

The moment employees begin building scaffold towers- they are putting their lives in jeopardy. When working at heights, extra care must be taken. And Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support in UAE is an excellent strategy to avoid a fall. When creating scaffold towers, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and never stray from them by utilizing non-standard or jury-rigged parts. Many respected scaffold tower manufacturers have formed coalitions to develop safe methods of- assembling, using, and disassembling scaffold towers.

Well, there are a few key aspects you should be aware of before utilizing or purchasing one of these beneficial items.


If you've decided to look for a scaffold, you'll have a lot to think about. It's critical to be well-informed about them because this will ensure that you get one with all the features you require. When looking at scaffold, make sure the one you choose allows you to work safely.

  • These must be created and removed by qualified and competent individuals.
  • After assembly, all towers must be examined by a qualified person and afterward at proper regular intervals. If the tower is used for construction work and a person could fall 2 meters or more from the working platform, it must be examined after assembly and every 7 days thereafter.
  • In the worst-case situation, an unsafe or poorly erected tower will undoubtedly cause problems and, in the worst-case scenario, injuries. One factor to consider is that scaffold towers have a strong base that allows users to work at height safely and securely.
  • Most high-quality scaffold towers include safety features such as outriggers or stabilizer bars to ensure proper deployment. While it is not needed, choosing a Stair Aluminum Double Width Mobile Scaffolding in UAE with color-coded components to aid in proper assembly is a good idea.
  • If the inspection reveals that it is not safe, you must immediately stop working and correct any flaws. The outcome should be documented and retained until the next inspection.


In general, aluminum and steel have historically been the materials of choice for scaffold towers. Fiberglass has also been an alternative, but an aluminum scaffold has generally been regarded to be the lightest, most practical, and most durable form of scaffolding tower in recent years. Towers formed of either of these metals are strong and dependable.

Base plates are installed on independent scaffold towers. Construction of this type is usually supported by anchoring it to a nearby wall. These can be used to work on a specific section of a wall or structure. Mobile scaffolds, on the other hand, are more adaptable. These include castors on the legs, making them easy to move and adjust as needed. Unlike the independent tower, this type does not need to be disassembled, relocated, and then reassembled. It saves a significant amount of time.

Scaffold towers made from glass fiber are also necessary when working around electrical sources since they won’t generate a spark or conduct a current. If cost is a consideration, steel is the better choice because it is less expensive than aluminum. However, while purchasing scaffold towers, it is necessary to: thoroughly examine the application.


Scaffold towers are commonly used in trade and industrial applications, but many DIYers and home users find them handy as well. If this is the case, the next step is to select the best size and type.


  • When there are high winds
  • As a base for ladders, frames, or other access equipment
  • with faulty or missing components
  • With incompatible components


  • Check for any overhead power wires or other potential hazards.
  • Examine the terrain to ensure it is firm, level, and devoid of potholes.
  • Reduce the height to a maximum of 4 meters.
  • Only push or pull from the base.

Scaffold towers, when used appropriately, might be the finest choice for working at height. Keep in mind that most mishaps are caused by user mistakes rather than flaws such as improper installation or misuse. Most scaffold incidents and injuries are avoidable if proper safety and health measures are followed.

To make it safer, the scaffold includes two wheels. The bracing is entirely color labeled, making erection easier and ensuring that the tower is appropriately constructed and braced. Scaffolding company in UAE provide stabilizer bars with a footprint. The assembly process is extremely basic and straightforward. It is available in four sizes and can modify the end height. As a result, better products, as well as greater accountability. This represents excellent value for money.
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