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Easy Wardrobe Updates For Women

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Nov 10, 2014
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We don’t always have time or money available to buy a whole new wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your look with a few easy tips. Sometimes, just changing an piece or two can give you a whole new, more polished look. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Outerwear

Having a classy new jacket or coat can do worlds for your look. Granted, you’re not always wearing a coat when you interact with people but that’s not the point. The point is, you can be dressed to the nines, but when you put on that ratty windbreaker, the whole effect is completely ruined.

2. Costume jewelry

Not the gaudy stuff this is where so many people get it wrong! Of course, going with silver is less expensive than gold, but even the stuff that’s just for show can be very elegant, if you do it right. Doing it right: slender gold chains, delicate earrings, and tasteful rings. A few understated bangle bracelets would work, too. The thing is, most costume jewelry doesn’t stand out as fake because it’s fake. It stands out as fake because it would have to belong to Elizabeth Taylor to be the real deal. Don’t fall into that trap. Tiny cubic zirconia studs will look real, or will just be dainty enough that no one wonders. Save draping yourself in faux ice for nights when you hit the club (that’s fun too!).

3. Hair

A fresh new haircut or color can really revolutionize how you look. Granted, this is cheating a bit since it’s not technically wardrobe but you’ll probably find yourself getting more creative with your outfits if you see an updated ‘do in the mirror.

4. New Jeans

If you put off buying new jeans in favor of things you think will make a bigger impact, like tops and bags, you’re right most of the time. But jeans do wear out, and you get used to seeing them like that. That perfect fit may very well not be as perfect in reality as you think it is in your mind. If you think they might be a little on the old side, just go try a few new pairs on. They might not be as noticeable immediately but the fresh fit and updated cuts will revitalize your look.

5. Dump that ugly, bulky wallet

That wallet you have, with the checkbook cover (who uses checks?!), 47 compartments, and two sticky-plastic ID covers how is that working out? You think you’re dependent on it, but it’s seriously slowing you down. Try out a new slim wallet style or even a ladies’ money clip. These can be slipped in a pants pocket, front or back, and even free you from your purse (well, mostly). No more fumbling with five cards at the checkout line when you know the right one is supposed to be there somewhere. Plus, you’ll finally get over that annoying habit of saving useless receipts for six months.

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Author: Robert Smith
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