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Introduction to Boulder Opal Jewelry

Author: Australian Opal Direct
by Australian Opal Direct
Posted: Feb 12, 2022

Just as the opal gemstone is magical, mysterious and very attractive, the opal jewelry is the most sought after gemstone jewellery in the world, ranking fifth after diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. This is because opals are the most beautiful gemstone available. And while most people have probably heard of black, white, and fire opal, boulder opal is probably less well known. So this is the reason for the popularity of opal.The body colors of these gemstones are derived from the host rock where they were made and are classified as black, grey, white, fire, crystal or jelly. Despite this, opal actually exhibits a variety of colors, including pink, burning orange, tropical blue, and others. However, they are most valuable for their interior colour play and burning opacity. In a fine gemstone, the effect is like a rainbow display on the surface of a soap bubble.

Opal ring has a unique physique. They are made up of silicon dioxide, which is also the main component of sand. However, in opal, silicon dioxide forms minute spheres that merge into a pyramid-shaped grid. And small droplets of water get stuck in this grid in the form of opals. From the fractures and defects in this pyramidal structure comes the value of the colour seen in an opal. And although it is the same for all opals, not all opals are the same.Like 95% of the opals used in jewellery worldwide, boulder opals are found in Australia. However, instead of digging in the conventional way, these specific opals spread thinly over a wide area of??the Australian Ironstone, also known as the Boulder Country. Under natural conditions, gemstones fill cracks and fissures in ironstone boulders.In contrast to the black, fire, white and grey opals that are easily cut from their host rock, the iron opal stone opals are so closely associated with it and sometimes for the thin tracks as they fill the cracks in the stone that they cannot be easily cut. From their host rock. It initially takes a stumbling block that prevents these gorgeous gems from taking their rightful place in opal jewellery.

Nowadays, the gemstone is always cut from the boulder in such a way that it incorporates some brown host ironstone rock, which creates very beautiful and very unusual pieces, perfect for fine jewellery! Today these opals are extremely popular and there is a high demand for jewellery that contains them. Since the veins of the opal are often made in a free shape, the boulder opals are often in an irregular baroque shape, suitable for earrings or pendants.

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