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Boys PG Near Saket Metro Station

Author: Ahpl India
by Ahpl India
Posted: Feb 19, 2022

We offer affordable Boys PG Near Saket Metro Station for students and professionals. Our rooms are the best in terms of space and amenities. We can assure you that you have never had such a comfortable experience in other rented rooms. Our tenants have facilities like parking, AC room, separate TV and separate toilet at no extra charge. If you are a student, you will have a quiet environment to focus on and if you are a professional, you will have a relaxed time after a busy work day. So come as soon as possible and take your room.

Boys PG Near Saket Metro Station HOSTEL DESCRIPTION

Life in Boys PG Near Saket Metro Station may be full of traffic, but our buildings are in places where there is not much noise, but shops, markets, etc. are far away. In case of outage, water and electricity are backed up. Our resident staff is always ready to help. Parking is available at "zero (0) price". Come anytime and visit our property.

Boys PG Near Saket Metro Station ROOM DESCRIPTION

We provide 24x7 power and water with backup / storage. Each room has a mirror, cupboard, table, chair, attached toilet, laptop table, fan, AC, room cooler, TV, mattress. Refrigerated water is available. The property is well protected and has CCTV on all main entrances / exits. For some extra money, you can take advantage of the mess / kitchen available on the terrace. Parking is available. Laundry services can be found at home. The area has an ATM, medical services and a gym. Are close.


We also understand that security and safety are privileges for human beings to live in peace. AHPL provides accessible safety standards to its residents. A unique and diverse security system makes our facility more secure than any ordinary home. In today's world, the supply of safety and security is low but we strive to ensure that every resident feels safe while in the premises.

  • Close Circuit Cameras all over the premises to ensure that every activity of residents and our staff is being monitored under strict surveillance.

  • This is being done, keeping in mind that the privacy of the residents is never compromised.

  • Some other immaculate security policies are also being maintained with utmost ease & convenience of the residents (Cannot be disclosed for security reasons).

  • Security personnel from highly trained and renowned Security Service Providers have been appointed for keeping the security systems and methodology in order 24*7.

  • We are committed to provide security standards that are considered best as per industry norms.


24 * 7 power (power back-up) is the biggest challenge that this country is making progress towards. The national capital (Delhi) has also not escaped constant power cuts and grid failures. Even in the luxurious areas of Delhi, power supply is disrupted in summer. AHPL has made this a priority from the beginning. Most of the residents here at AHPL are students and professionals, so we understand how important it is to have constant power for study and other daily activities. We offer 100% power backup throughout the day.

  • High capacity, heavy duty generators have been installed at each of our facilities, hereby maintaining optimum power around the clock.

  • Irrespective of the cost incurred on the fuel & rising prices of the fuel every fiscal year, we thrive to deliver uninterrupted power back-up to our residents.

  • Our hostel administrators are well instructed to keep sufficient fuel in storage to keep our generator running during crises.

  • These heavy-duty generators have been canopied on to the terrace of every facility to keep the environment noise and pollution free.


Water is called life! In today's cosmopolitan world, life is short and water is scarce. Adequate water availability is the second biggest concern facing any modern city today, sometimes due to power outages and sometimes due to inadequate supply. The omen of Delhi is not untouchable. Even the high profile areas of Delhi are filled with newspapers every year about the unavailability of water. We also focus on preventing or eliminating this water crisis.

  • We maintain adequate water storage at every location irrespective of season, scarcity, or any obstacles.

  • 24 hours’ availability of running water is what we have ensured at every location.

  • This has been made possible by installing high capacity Submersible Water Pumps that can pump pure underground water from a depth of over 350 feet.

  • These pumps can be operational whenever there's any need because they run on both Grid & Generator electricity.

  • Even in a time of crisis, our residents get running water without even realizing that there is a crisis going on.

  • To maintain the purity & hygiene as far as drinking water is concerned, we have installed Industrial Grade RO Systems for water Purification at each hostel facility individually.


As stated in our MOTO "Home Away from Home", we are committed to providing a homely and friendly environment for our hostel residents. A home can never be complete without the taste of home cooking. Special care is being taken to ensure that the food served in our hostel is as close to home meals as possible. So our residents get delicious, juicy, traditional as well as modern food at every one of our facilities throughout the year.

  • Air-conditioned Dining Rooms (at most locations) make the eating experience rejuvenating and revitalizing.

  • Enduring the immense pressure of competition as most of our residents are students, it is imperative that they get a satisfying meal, every time they come to dine at one of our kitchens.

  • Our Dining Room is the best place wherein the residents interact, share their views, interests, opinions, ideas, ideologies, and even discuss their studies.

  • It is a place where the students like to hang out with their friends & spend quality time amongst themselves.

  • Vegan is the new favorite around the world and our completely vegan menu tantalizes the taste buds of our residents bellowing to different sects of the society.

  • The hostel menus are being prepared by our consulting ‘Dietitians’ for different locations based on the dietary needs of the residents and their preferences.

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