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Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve Has The Answer To Everything.

Author: Vtork Controls
by Vtork Controls
Posted: Feb 24, 2022
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V-Tork Unidirectional knife gate valves are suitable for industrial pipelines. It is a one-piece cast body that can replace the elastic sheet. You can easily replace the seat by removing it from the line. Designed for pulp and paper, chemicals, mining, electricity, petroleum, food industry, and municipal water and waste treatment plants. Ideal for processing dense mixtures of paper stock and slurries that have been shut off in one direction. Knife gate valves are used in various industries as an effective solution to the problem of leakage of media-containing particles.

Salient features of Unidirectional Knife gate

  • .Pulp and Paper

  • .Power plants

  • .Wastewater treatment plants

  • .Chemical plants

  • .Food and Beverage

  • .Bulk handling

  • .Mining

  • .Gate hardening options for abrasion resistance.

  • .Lubricant injection port for smooth operation

  • .Etc.

Application of unidirectional knife gate valve

The gate valve is suitable for working with clean liquids or liquids with a concentration of solids: Designed for a wide range of applications such as :

  • Drying plants
  • Paper industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food sector
  • Mining
  • Oil extraction
  • Sludge

Design characteristics


Single piece die-cast body with hood. The body has internal guides for optimal sliding of the gate and wedges for improved airtightness. For diameters above DN1200, the body and bonnet are mechanically welded with the reinforcement needed to withstand maximum working pressure. Designed with a full bore, it provides high flow with low load loss.


Standard manufacturing materials are stainless steel for carbon steel body valves and stainless steel for body valves. Other materials or combinations can be provided upon order. The closure is polished on both sides to provide a smooth contact surface with the elastic seal. At the same time, the gate is rounded to prevent the seal from being cut off. Various degrees of polishing, wear resistance treatment, and modification is possible to customize the valve to your requirements.


A clear, secure headwaters area with heavy traffic. This eliminates body dead pockets where particulate medium tends to settle to the bottom of the valve and prevents the spool from being properly secured. The one-way knife gate valve is a pressure-assisted mechanical seal valve. Metal-to-metal integrals are available, as well as replaceable sheets for slurries, replaceable elastic sheets for clean liquids and light slurries, and replaceable VNotch sheets for choke applications.

4. Handwheel

As the call denotes, handwheels are used for rotating functions to transport the gate for beginning and ultimate withinside the unidirectional knife gate valves. With up or down movement, the go with the drift of fluids is maintained. It may be operated manually, electrically, pneumatically, or by the use of hydraulic operation systems. Some add-ons encompass scraper, air injection ports, heating jacket, flushing holes, mechanical locking device, connection box, gearbox, emergency actuators, and others are to be had as add-ons. As a whole, all of them collectively feature as an unmarried well-prepared system.

If you need to know more about Unidirectional knife gate valves, connect with Vtork Control.

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