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Tips for Incorporating Jewel Tones into a Home’s Decor

Author: Dale Frederick
by Dale Frederick
Posted: Nov 13, 2014

Jewel tones aren’t just at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to fashion—they’re also making a big splash in home design.

Jewel tones from emeralds to ruby and everything in between are being increasingly seen in home décor, and they’re no longer thought of as an overly formal or traditional color palette.

Instead, the use of jewel tones in designing can be an ideal way to infuse rich, deep, bold colors into a room, while still maintaining contemporary, modern aesthetics.

Fall is a great time to begin exploring the use of jewel tones in a home, since they seem to blend so seamlessly with the cooler months of the season.

Here are some tips and ideas for utilizing jewel tones in home design, whether on a small or large scale.

Balance with Reflective Elements

For homeowners who want a big dose of jewel tones, they don’t have to be afraid to use them on the walls. A jewel-toned wall color can instantly make a room seem luxurious and elegant, and to avoid the fear deep colors will make a room feel small or closed in, utilize reflective and mirrored items to keep it feeling light and open.

Opt for wall mirrors, or even choose entire pieces of mirrored furniture.

When selecting a jewel-toned wall color, it’s often best to choose an eggshell paint. A matte wall color can make a room look dull and lackluster, while a paint with too much shine can take on an over-the-top look.

Generally, eggshell paint is a great middle ground that creates a vibrant look, without giving the sense of being "too much."

Kitchen Countertops

For homeowners planning a full-scale kitchen remodel or simply a refresh, it may be wise to consider utilizing jewel and gem-inspired kitchen countertops, for example the Gemstone Collection by Antolini Luigi.

The use of these gemstone and jewel tone countertops is really at the forefront of luxury kitchen design right now, and evokes a sense of opulence, depth and dimension in a kitchen.

For homeowners unsure about diving into jewel toned countertops headfirst, consider utilizing these high-end countertops on a bathroom vanity instead.

These types of countertops can add a burst of color into an otherwise neutral area, turning a home’s countertops into a focal point.

Stick With One Color Scheme

Because of the bold richness of jewel tones, it’s certainly possible to go overboard with your use of them in a home.

To avoid having a room or a home that feels like it’s too busy or too overwhelming, try to choose a color scheme to follow. Base the color scheme around sapphire, and then incorporate other shades of blue, or perhaps a beautiful ruby color can be the primary color focus, complemented by more subtle red tones.

Jeweled Accessories

For homeowners still unsure about making the leap to a full-scale jewel decorating scheme, start out with some accessories in the form of silk or velvet throw pillows, decorative glass items or vases, or even curtains.

This gives the opulent feeling of using these beautiful, naturally-occurring shades, but on a smaller and if necessary, temporary scale.

Ultimately, as with anything in home décor and design, homeowners should always do what they love, and they’re guaranteed a space that feels comfortable, inviting and visually appealing on a personal level, whether it’s in the kitchen countertops, or a tiny pop of jeweled color.

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