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Machine Learning | Types of Machine Learning | What is Machine Learning

Author: Cedura Tech
by Cedura Tech
Posted: Feb 27, 2022

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It automatically analyzes data model building. With ML, systems can themselves learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Types of Machine Learning

  • Supervised learning- This is very similar to the way humans learn. You collect data, analyze and execute actions. That is, what you do is based on what you learnt in textbooks or heard from someone. In the same way, supervised machine learning enables a computer system to learn based on data that is fed. One example is feeding systems at railway terminals with labeled data points such as readouts of data from previous train delays. The system then learns to predict at what time trains in the future may arrive if there are unexpected events.

  • Unsupervised Learning- This type of machine learning helps systems fund information and draw patterns in unknown data. That is, you do not feed the machine with labeled references or recorded sources of data. A machine identifies patterns automatically and learns by itself. Two common unsupervised learning tasks are clustering and dimensionality reduction. In clustering, group data points are grouped into meaningful clusters. That is, elements within a given cluster are similar to but are different from data grouped in other clusters. For example, data regarding all cars belonging to a particular brand is automatically identified in one cluster, while data regarding two-wheelers is formed in another one.

There are even more. Machine learning is very popular today in the world. Several companies in the private as well as government sectors are rushing to integrate Machine Learning in their functions. This has also increased the demand for data scientists. But there is a huge difference between the demand from industries for qualified minds and the supply of the same. Besides, not many know or understand the concept of Machine learning.

It is not exactly limited to what you see in science fiction movies. There is a lot more to the concept along with multiple benefits that can be derived from mastering the concept of Machine Learning. And as mentioned, there are plenty of professional opportunities for data scientists. We can help you. CEDLEARN is a hybrid training platform in India which features certified instructors and several great minds who have subject matter expertise in the field of Machine Learning.

Contact us today to know of the different courses we offer and how we can make a difference in your careers as well as implantation of skills.

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