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How It's Like Working In The Hybrid Work Culture?

Author: Diya Shah
by Diya Shah
Posted: Mar 05, 2022

We are still not able to jump back completely to a pre-COVID era. People are still working remotely. Every new variant with a fancy name shakes the world making governments do partial lockdowns. The tale goes on. This hybrid work culture has made people habitual of staying comfortably in their shells and working. The same happened to me. I went to buy loungewear online for my comfiest work-from-home days. And now I am reluctant to give up on that.

With hybrid work culture, you keep on switching places of work that somehow breaks your rhythm. Have your own space. No matter where you are, it is about being motivated and productive at the end of the day. I’ve gone through a hybrid work culture where we were literally swinging between work and home but that was for our personal best.

You Need To Create A Workplace

Hybrid work culture has taught us to work from anywhere but every day. Working from home often makes people lethargic. Result? They procrastinate which in turn hampers their productivity for the day. Also, working from home sometimes diminishes that minute line on which you balance your personal and professional life.

Paying heed to the changes that came to my behavior I held a corner of my house and turned that into my workplace. It is our pre-frontal cortex that tells us to work when we are in the office and to relax at home. Thus it is difficult to mess with our brain by reversing the actions. Thus having a private space that you re-furbish into a workplace will help you fool your brain to a certain extent.

Still, you have to wake up every day and be motivated.

Work From Home Is Better With Comfortable Clothing

Wake up, take a bath and slip into your formals - this is your everyday with work from office culture. But here is some flexibility. During your work from home days, you can skip your office attire to be calm and comfortable in your loungewear.

What do I think?

There is no connection between clothing and lethargy until you are mentally prepared to get up and roar. As summers are approaching, I recently bought a cotton dungaree jumpsuit along with another insanely comfortable cotton one piece for my summer wardrobe collection. What I like about cotton jumpsuits is that you can work, play, sleep and even go out in a single piece of clothing. The same goes with ankle-length maxis and midis. With summers coming there is no going back to body conning uncomfortable clothes.

Even with a decent choice, you can make jumpsuits your office attire as well.

Going Back To Office Is Harder Now

Yes, I’ve done a lot of amendments to my working arrangements at home. With hybrid work culture, it is like having two offices and keeping every office organized as you might be working there for a few upcoming days. Hybrid culture is cool but I am in no mood to give up my comfortable workplace anytime soon. Plus, I am looking to spend my entire day in cotton.

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Hey, this is Diya shah, a blogger by profession and passion. In a nutshell, What I do is bring thoughts to life through words. Being expressive is our superpower.

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