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What are the Different Kinds of Quick Couplers

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Mar 10, 2022
quick couplers

Quick couplers are compact and robust which are easily get connected and disconnected with the pipes. These are highly used in the transmission of fluids used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and vacuum systems. This type of coupler is most common among other types, which can connect at either end of the connection.

What are the Different Kinds of Quick Couplers?

Quick couplers are designed in accordance with the working pressure and they can be made up of steel, brass, or stainless steel. Among these three, Brass Wing Nut couplers are quite popular in the industries and have many use cases. The various materials used in the manufacturing of these coupler types depend upon the flow of the fluid type. This coupling has two parts a socket and a plug. Socket acts as a male part of the coupling whereas plug as a female part ensures perfect connection.

The quick couplings are various types which are as follows,

Single End Shut Off Coupler:

This type of coupler has shut-off valves that are present at one side of the coupling. These are useful in preventing the leakage of the fluid. These couplings handle the flow of air, oil, or any other fluids with a maximum pressure of 20 bars.

This coupler is further classified into,

  1. Hose end type
  2. Male thread type and
  3. Female thread type

Double End Shut Off Coupler:

Double end shut-off couplers have shut-off valves on both ends of the coupling. They can be further divided according to their pressure types.

Standard pressure double end coupler: This type is used in various applications, which can withstand the working pressure from 20 bars to a maximum of 100 bars.

High pressure double end coupler: This type is recommended for the high pressure applications of various systems. Steel is used as the main material for manufacturing this coupler, which provides higher strength and reliability. It can withstand pressure from 210 to 215 bars.

Ultra high pressure double end coupler: This is used in high pressure hydraulic oil systems. It provides a ring lock device, which provides safety against shock and vibration. These types can withstand pressure from 700 bars to 2500 bars.

What are the Major Industries That Use These Quick Couplers?

Quick couplers are used in various industries and some of them are explained below.


In manufacturing companies, control lines are run to various locations in order to transfer air, fluids, which can be connected to heavy machines. To make a long connection between the pipes, these couplers are used.

Service and Repair:

These types of couplers are used in the automotive repair industry, where airlines and water lines are commonly used. These lines are connected to hydraulic or pneumatic tools.


These couplers are used in aircraft and boats, which can save larger spaces and eliminate the need for the shut-off valve. This helps in the prevention of leaks or spills.


These kinds of couplers are used in connecting various pipes and lines, which can be in need of frequent change. The simple design of these couplers can reduce the spillage in the line, help in saving your hard-earned money while selecting the correct one.

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