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Facial fat grafting to get young looks and beautiful appearance

Author: Samuel Coleman
by Samuel Coleman
Posted: Nov 15, 2014

Anti aging properties of the many herbs and fruits are used extensively by the people who wish to look young and youthful. Nevertheless, the aging signs appear as the years go on adding wrinkles and creases appears on the face indicating age. Often people wish to reverse those signs so that they appear young. Public impression of the personality is very important. Medical science has been improved by heaps and bounds and has found remedies for many ailments which were known as not curable only a few decades ago. Technical improvements, and improvements in the medical field has paved a way to develop altogether a new field in cosmetic medicine. Improvements in plastic surgery and reconstruction surgery are now employed by the surgeons to create a new outlook for the people who wish to improve facial features. This can be done successfully by implementing their medical knowledge of reconstructive surgery where the well defined surgeries are carried out to produce required results.

The results obtained are quite satisfactory and people find a new way to improve their facial contours effectively to gain transformed looks and pleasing appearance. Significantly, for facial fat grafting, doctors can use the fat accumulated in the different body parts of the patients and it can be successfully grafted without any problem as the fat is taken out from the patient it does not cause any harm to the patient after grafting.

People who wish to undergo facial fat grafting need to have many consultations with their surgeon. 3D images are taken down and patients are asked to choose what they wish to look like. They are assisted to choose the best images that can suit them so that the selected image will be attached along with medical reports of the person who wish to undergo the grafting process. Further, it will be sent for the perusal of surgeons so that they can get exactly what wish to appear after the fat grafting.

Whether you require baby like face, or round and fuller face features, it depends on your choice. Whatever you choose, it will be done according to your wish. At the surgeons usually follow 1:1:0.8 ratio for the fat grafting process. This surgery will be carried out experienced surgeons who have good academic background. In this fat grafting, the live fat cells are collected from the body parts where the fat accumulated. That means it can be taken out from belly, thighs, or in the flank.

Before the fat grafting surgery takes place the surgeons make sure that the patients have enough fat cells where they can extract enough fat cells to implant on the required body parts to get necessary shape and appearance. The harvested fat cells are processed to remove unwanted particles, and dead cells, and only those that is fit to implant are collected and placed where they are necessary to implant. Since the collected fat is taken out and placed from the source, it does not create any harmful effects on the body.

With this method you can get round face, oval face, resilient cheeks and many more features where one can get suitable facial contours to improve their appearance.

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The writer is an expert in the field of surgical industry with focus on Upper Eyelid Surgery & Korean Plastic Surgery Before After.

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