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Lost Ark: The complete guide to 10 consumables

Author: Numbs Syun
by Numbs Syun
Posted: Mar 17, 2022

Figuring out which consumables to prioritize in Lost Ark can save players some headaches down the road. They are the very best with the finest.

Lost Ark's combat is among the most prominent and most significant draws. He is pompous, responsive, and incredibly active. And because of that, when the endgame content of the Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons eventually gets more complex (as well as all the future content that is already in the Eastern version), there are many things to do an eye on, both mechanically and visually.

It is easy to see why people today underuse their consumables or know why they should use them. Furthermore, several Lost Ark's Various guides told North American users that their Battle Item consumables should be saved as considerably as possible. Combine this complex gameplay design with the player's feeling that they do not want to use their restricted sources. To help with that, let's take a look at some of the best consumables in the game.

HP Potion & Primary HP PotionsThis initial must be essentially the clearest, but let's reiterate that Potions (HP Potions, Higher HP Potions, and Elemental HP Potions) will always be top-notch in terms of utility. Yes, players can almost certainly get away with not employing any potions in the initial handful of Guardian raids, cube attempts, and Abyss dungeons if they attempt. Still, the rewards for the risk are usually not worth it. If they succeeded, they kept one particular or two potions. If not, they have been a significant portion of the failure with the Guardian Raid or Abyss Dungeon, and they hurt absolutely everyone else. A knowledge.

So please use Potions in endgame content, especially if it's cooperative. Getting more battle item potions isn't that hard (at least compared to some enchant materials), and it's not worth the constant negativity.

FlaresFlare is one of the most time-saving items in Guardian Raids, with all of its content centered around fighting Arkesia's lore beasts, the Guardians. Throw a flare, and it will instantly show where the Guardian is on the map. While it might not seem like the Flash consumable is all that helpful considering people never use it (as they should), that couldn't be further from the truth. However, for some reason, people are very stingy with this consumption and don't use it properly.

Just so people know, standard courtesy in the Korean and Russian versions of Lost Ark is that Flare is used in Party Order, meaning whoever has a "1" next to their name in the group should always have the one to throw first flare. In contrast, the rest of the group uses pheromone bombs, destruction bombs, or vortex grenades as needed.

Dark GrenadesNext comes the first of many recommended grenades/bombs, but most are used situationally, while the dark grenade is almost always helpful. Simply put, the dark grenade reduces the defense of the hit enemy by 20% for the entire twenty seconds.

This item is excellent for World Boss Encounters, Abyss Dungeons, and Guardian Raids, especially if the entire group is close to the recommended level and will shorten it in time without using a Dark Grenade. However, Lost Ark uses throwable consumables. It's not great, so be sure to double-tap the Hotbar when the grenade is enabled... instead of tapping it, aiming with the mouse, and then clicking.

Whirlwind GrenadesIt was moving on to the next grenade-type combat item on this list, the Whirlwind Grenade. The funny thing about this is that, as opposed to the Dark Grenade, the actual impact on the grenade is unimportant. It deals a tiny quantity of harm and knocks frequent enemies into the air.

No, the key aspect of this item is that it does a lot of stagger damage. Making it an ideal item for classes with fewer daze skills to use in the Abyss dungeons for the numerous daze checks that many bosses have in Lost Ark's surprisingly high amount of endgame content.

Pheromone BombsThey were moving on to the pheromone bomb, an item thwarted by its confusing description. To sum it up in more understandable terms, the pheromone bomb is used almost exclusively in Guardian raids. It prevents Guardians from escaping to another area of??the map once they take a certain amount of damage within thirty seconds.

And a little tip for using this at the perfect time when the boss stops taking damage and only "Invincible" pops up. Instead, that's usually a sign they're about to run, so drop that bomb!

Destruction BombsIf the Whirlwind Bomb is the best Consumable for the Stagger Check, then the Destructive Bomb may be the best Lost Ark Items to destroy the Boss aspect. You can find some Guardians and Bosses at greater item levels with breakable components like Levanos, Lava Chromanium, or any variant of Makeup. And, more often than not, breaking those pieces off the Guardian/Boss allows players to deal a ton more damage and capitalize on the game's excellent combat system.

So, this consumable should always be on hand for those who play a class with almost no Weaknesses skills.

Awakening PotionsParsers can largely ignore this entry, as it does next to nothing for them. But for just about any other class/subclass, an awakening potion is huge for some of the most challenging boss fights in the Abyss dungeons. When using this potion, the user immediately replenishes their full specialization scale.

For example, Sorceresses (seemingly a controversial class) allows them to use Arcane Break or Flash in a lousy situation instantly.. Or. Furthermore, berserkers will enable them to use their much-desired burst mode immediately after spending the latter.

Panacea PotionsNow it's time to talk about Panacea, a consumable that almost everyone should have on their Hotbar but never does as most players tend to think they'll "dodge all the debuffs". But take our word for it, the additional player progresses via the content, the other boss fights are filled with attacks that are almost impossible to dodge a single hundred percent in the time.

To put it simply, Panacea is a cleansing potion that removes all debuffs from the player. However, like regular HP potions, they cannot be used while stunned, petrified, feared, or any other status effect prevents the player from moving/attacking. Luckily, almost every debuff in the game has multiple "stacks." which accumulate until the status effect is triggered. So, keep some Panacea on hand and keep an eye on those debuffs, and Abyss dungeons should get a bit easier.

Time Stop PotionTime Stop Potion is a different one in particular of those situational consumables, but there are pretty some circumstances where it is worth it. Everybody who participated in the Thytalos Guardian raid is equivalent to the invincible impact players place on themselves while standing in Thytalos. Sand storms.

When using this potion, the player is frozen in time and unable to move, attack, or take damage in any way (except for total annihilation attacks).

Incendiary GenadeFinally, another grenade and not many people know how best to use it. On paper, a fire grenade is just nice extra damage to a boss or guard as it sets the ground on fire, dealing constant damage. However, the natural use of this grenade is its use in friendly matches. You will find plenty of Bosses that petrify, trap, or otherwise hinder allies in some way, along with the only solution to absolutely free them (commonly) will be to attack them until the purple bar under their character model disappears.

This is where fire grenades come in handy. If this purple band weakens an ally, and it would be a considerable risk to save him, or he is too far away, throw a fire grenade under him! The fire that the grenade leaves behind deals constant damage and depletes that purple bar relatively quickly. There are many of these little tricks in Lost Ark that players don't even know about, but you need to understand them.

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