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Speech Therapy- An Overview

Author: Debosree Majumder
by Debosree Majumder
Posted: Mar 29, 2022

The ability to communicate well is necessary for senior people to avoid emergencies. If our loved ones cannot communicate properly what they need or how they feel, we will be unable to keep them healthy and happy. But, sometimes our senior loved ones can fall prey to the hands of stroke or a major head injury that can cause speech impairment and in this case, speech therapy is required to help our loved ones communicate their thoughts and concerns clearly with us

Elder Care Services in Kolkata offer rehab assistance services like physiotherapy services, speech therapy and many more that you can avail for your senior loved ones to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Today, let me give you an overview of the speech therapy that your loved ones may need at some point of time to express themselves better

Speech Therapy for seniors mainly aims to increase functional communications, cognitive skills and teach safe swallowing methods through special feeding techniques and diet modifications for senior people who are having difficulty speaking after suffering a stroke or a major injury. A Speech-language pathologist specializes in treating speech, language, voice, swallowing problems of our senior loved ones. The speech-language pathologist can determine if the problem is language-based or others and how to take care of it after a thorough evaluation. Other factors also need to be looked at to rule out medications, depression, dehydration, etc. as part of the problem.

The treatment may include

  • Art therapy

  • Melodic intonation therapy (singing words they cannot speak)

  • Visual Speech perception(associating words with pictures) therapy

  • Group therapy and support groups

Now, let us focus on the importance of speech therapy for seniors

  • Speech Therapy for our senior loved ones is necessary if they have suffered a stroke and are recovering from the debilitating consequences of a stroke or dementia. The language impairment followed by a stroke is known as aphasia, which is a communication disorder impairing a person’s ability to use and comprehend language. Recovering speech is possible if the treatment is started immediately.

  • It may also be required after a major head injury. The ability to communicate well is necessary for senior people to avoid emergencies.

  • As one grows older, vocal cords can become less elastic and larynx muscles can weaken, making it difficult to talk in a manner they are accustomed to. Speech Therapy can help our loved ones re-learn how to speak

This article gives an overview of speech therapy and highlights the importance of speech therapy for your senior loved ones, especially those who have speech impairment after suffering a stroke or a major head injury or for some other major health-related issues. Speech Therapy can help your beloved seniors feel much better, more confident, and relaxed.

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Debosree is a professional writer working in the Senior Care Field for quite a long time. She has written many informative blogs and articles on the senior care facilities that are available. He has a great reader base.

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