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A Genuine V2 E-Cig Review

Author: Mariele Tanes
by Mariele Tanes
Posted: Nov 19, 2014


V2 E-cig is probably the popular electric cigarette manufactures. The corporation features producing some of the best e-cigarettes and cigars in the market today. Ex-tobacco cigarette smokers who want a safer smoking option mostly use V2 e-cigs. The key reason with this is the fact, e-cigarettes eliminate harmful and toxic gases that could come from burning tobacco. E-cigs also eliminate secondary smoking, hence the term safer smoking.

One important thing you must know about V2 e-cigs is the fact that, they have got an appealing design that imitates the standard tobacco cigarettes. Above all, these e-cigs are battery powered and employ a cartridge as being the main method to obtain nicotine. Although battery powered, one has a option to choose between automatic and manual e-cigs. Users could also choose from disposable and rechargeable kits based on one’s preferences. Rechargeable e-cig kits have a USB charging system, that may be utilized on a laptop or perhaps a computer.

Features in V2 e-cigs

The packaging

On first purchase, V2 e-cigs can be found in a package containing starter kit. This kit contains the e-cig, a battery, a cartridge, a charging system as well as a cartomizer. Additionally, it comes with a manual detailing the way the e-cig needs to be assembled and the ways to apply it for optimal results. The most significant features in the V2 electronic cigarettes are definitely the batteries, shape, the cartomizer, charging system and its cartridge. Discussed listed below are the most notable features relating to this model of e cigarettes.

  1. Performance and life of the battery: The performance in all V2 electronic cigarettes is really a remarkable one. These units however use 150mAh batteries to power the cartomizer. This guarantees you of approximately 4 hours of steady vaping experience. If you are an occasional smoker, then your battery can give you several days of vaping. Manual V2 e-cigs however last considerably longer compared to automatic ones do.
  2. Vapor production: Although V2 e-cigs use 150mAh batteries, these batteries supply a steady flow of 4.2 volts. This makes them efficient for producing vapor right after the user sucks air in. The 150mAh batteries are however not built to produce low resistance power, meaning you shouldn’t expect a great deal of dense vapor from these e-cigs. The good news however is that, you can replace these batteries with stronger 30A 2600mAh batteries particularly when looking for dense smoke/vapor.
  3. Base liquids: Electronic cigarettes use base liquids to keep nicotine in the cartridge, and give optimal satisfaction when vaporized. Both the predominant base liquids found in V2 e-cigs are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is considered as safer option especially for those who interact with propylene glycol. It is a bold move considering all customers need to be satisfied.
  4. Flavors: Like other e-cig manufacturers, you will discover a wide selection of flavors that one can use on V2 e-cigs. A number of the flavors found in the V2 brands include menthol, tobacco, vanilla, grape, cinnamon and scorch. One comes with an option to refill the cartridges with all the flavor he/she prefers. This offers users the freedom to select whatever flavors they think like having inside their kits.
  5. Cartomizers: The cartomizer utilized on V2 devices delivers a remarkable job as compared to other brands on the market. Unlike other cartomizers that often leak as you continues to use, V2 cartomizers remain intact hence tend not to pose a serious risk on its batteries.

V2 electric cigarette pros

The highest benefits of using these e-cigs include:

a.Remarkable battery lifespan: Its battery lasts for a longer time than all kinds of other brands available in the market

b.Great vapor production: The cartomizer does a remarkable job in producing great vapor considering its power supply.

c.Ability to customize

d.Supplies a safer vaping experience: This is mainly because that this cartomizer fails to leak and vaporizes the e-liquid hence giving the vaping experience desired.

The cons

The sole downsides with all the V2 e-cigs is, the e-liquid flavors are subjective, and the cartomizers are sealed.


V2 e-cigs offer a good vaping experience, their batteries perform perfectly well and vapor production is great. As a result these e-cigs a great choice for cigarette smokers seeking a safer smoking experience. Furthermore, v2 cigs provide great good value, like a single refill can last several weeks, meaning one actually gets to save everything money.

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