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The Indroduction Of The Roasted Garlic Granules

Author: Polly Guo
by Polly Guo
Posted: Apr 25, 2022

This is the garlic you're looking for if you want a smooth blending garlic that doesn’t have lumps or clumps and provides mellow garlic flavor. Roasting sands down garlic’s sharp edges and brings out its inherent sweetness. Our Organic Roasted Granulated Garlic is delicious as part of a dry rub for ribs or pulled pork, or use as part of a buttery basting rub for roast chicken. Granulated garlic is less prone to clump in liquids than finer grinds, so put aromatic oomph in your sauces by whisking into hollandaise, aioli, or gravy, and don’t forget to add it to balsamic vinaigrette. For sharper garlic flavor, try Organic Roasted Granulated Garlic.

Organic roasted garlic granules are made by roasting fresh garlic. It adds a deeper, more umami flavor than fresh garlic. This ready-to-use seasoning has a pungent and spicy taste, garlic is a ubiquitous spice in the culinary world, essential in hearty meals in the Mediterranean region, important for Indian recipes, commonly used in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Italian and Latin American dishes.

We have a wide range of garlic products that suit just about every need. If you’re looking for garlic that’s more appropriate to shake on your pizza or mix into compound butter, we have Organic Garlic Powder.

Our garlic powder mostly is exported to Asian, European and Southeast Asian countries for distributors, restaurants and sauce processing plants, etc.

As the professional supplier in China, our garlic powder is main made for business use, so we provide free samples and support customization to meet your diverse needs.

For example, we provide 12.5kg/bag or 10kg/bag, as your require.

Our full range of services are as follows

  1. Support customization
  2. Provide free samples
  3. Fast delivery
  4. One-stop service
  5. International export standards

If you want a bit of texture for your chunky stews, spaghetti sauces, or savory crusts, take a look at our Organic Minced Garlic.

To read about more of our selection please visit our main page.

Our Organic Roasted Granulated Garlic is grown in China.

This product is certified kosher.

The advantages of the nutritious roasted garlic granules

  1. Roasted garlic contains a large amount of natural allicin, which is a natural bactericidal ingredient, and it has a good elimination effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria in the human body.
  2. Roasted garlic contains a lot of sulfide, which can inhibit the formation of cancer cells in the human body after entering the human body, and can also inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
  3. Garlic contains some natural garlic essential oil, which can inhibit platelet aggregation. Regularly eating roasted garlic can effectively reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as thrombosis and stroke.
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