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Regular Digging Dangers Avoided With Efficient Hydrovac Calgary Experts

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Nov 19, 2014
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No responsible person through ignorance wants to come into contact with underground pipes and other kind of infrastructure, as doing so can damage the infrastructure and prevent the proper delivery of goods and services. Hydrovac Calgary plumbing experts know too well that coming into contact with buried natural gas pipelines for instance can be dangerous and also cause interruptions in the delivery of gas. Alberta has an extensive underground infrastructure of pipes which levels out at about 2,000,000 km and these pipes and underground networks are always being added to each year. The cost of this underground network of pipes and cables runs into billions of dollars and damage to it can be a costly mistake.

Grave Consequences for Damaged to Buried Facilities

If somebody disturbs the ground, not only is there the risk of damage to buried facilities, there could be loss of life or injury, environmental contamination, inconvenience to the public, loss of product and revenue, medical and legal costs as well as law suits and the possibility of fines or jail. For this reason Hydrovac Calgary professionals are a better and safer choice. With a team of certified technicians, all the rules, regulations and codes around excavating are considered. They have all the expertise and experience to ensure a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective method of excavation. These rules and regulations are applicable to both homeowners as well as contractors in Calgary.

A Non-Destructive method of Digging

Hydrovac is a non-destructive method of digging and the process involves a process where pressurized water is used to break up and remove soils. The pressurized water is injected into the ground and when the soil cover is liquefied, slurry is at the same time extracted by a powerful vacuum and stored in tanks on the hydrovac. The beauty of these hydrovacs is that they can dig in all soil types; even clay and where the ground is frozen. For frozen surfaces like this, hot water is needed and Hydrovac Calgary plumbing trucks have boilers with thermostat control for this scenario.

Hydrovacs are powerful and rugged and all their working components are easily accessible for maintenance. These vacuum trucks with their water reservoir and debris tank suck everything up to reveal what is laying below the ground surface and because this method is non-destructive, it is also safe for other uses such as slot trenching, day-lighting and pot-holing.

This water and vacuum technology cleanly blast through rubble and dirt to expose pipeline and electrical cables without doing damage. This safe and non-destructive alternative to regular digging methods gives peace of mind that everything is being done above board.

Hydrovacing has Many Benefits

There are many challenges which contractors have to face and Hydrovac Calgary Experts get the job done on time, cleanly and well within budget. Hydrovac is far safer than other excavation methods and many Alberta contractors are realizing the benefits of using hydrovacs. The hydrovac machine has 2 operators; one to control the boom and the other the washer or swamper as it is known. Because of its reduced risk for possible damage to underground utilities as well as worker safety, leading plumbing Calgary experts makes use of this safe excavating technology and discovers that this tool for multi-purpose vacuum excavation work is also a cost effective option.

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