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Tips and tricks about trophy buck hunting

Author: Lorene Ewing
by Lorene Ewing
Posted: Nov 21, 2014
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You being the deer hunter often visualise the monster bucks dancing over their heads. Everyone really wants to go for hunting for the trophy bucks. Perhaps you have those big reasons for shooting the giant bucks. They do not act like any other deer; they are never seen doing a hangout with other deer. They know the art of avoiding the giant bucks. These bucks behave very differently than the other bucks. As a hunter you are supposed to know some important tips and tricks so that you can have some of the best experience while carrying out the trophy buck hunting. Let’s check them as under:

Check out for signs:

For any average hunter, opting for good whitetail cover and chances are they would find the well used rub line or the trail. These are simple to find out and these places are ideal in case if you are willing to kill the deer. However, if you are keen to enjoy the monster trophy, you are supposed to find out the less pronounced deer sign. It would be simple to find out the dew claw mark over the track of any old and big size buck. If you find the track to be of six inches or even longer from the dew claw you would end up doing the trophy buck hunting without any hassle. The bucks of this category are not keen to display their dominance, as they know that they are very much dominant.

Check the staging areas:

The moment you find out the trails and you are very much confident about this buck’s bedding area make sure you try out to find where he is heading to in order to check his feed and work. You may find him to be crafty and old, however, he would still require eating and having the craving for opposite sex. But you will not find the competent bucks going out in the open during the day time. At time their desires could make them start moving out under the sun outside. Any big size buck would prefer leaving its his place and then follow the staging area until you find it getting dark. Such areas would be subtle, any staging area can be of small meadow size, while you can find a flat spot over the ridge or simply over the crease inside a forest.

The Funnels:

Hunting the funnels or the areas, which bottleneck travel routs, can be called as the best strategy for hunting the deer. You are simply boosting up the deer sightings and your skills to get closer to the deer. The big bucks would often help in using a number of different routes in order to find the feeding area from their beds. A majority would ultimately end up over the nearby areas. It is therefore your job to find out the right area and be at the right place.

So, the next time when you go for the trophy buck hunting, make sure you check these points straight to have a greater and richer experience.

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