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Here we introduce the new feature for instagram stories

Author: Casey B. Larson Casey B. Larson
by Casey B. Larson Casey B. Larson
Posted: Apr 29, 2022
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Instagram has heard users' prayers: In 2022, the chronological Feed will make its comeback. First, we give you an overview of all seven feeds.

After much planning, Instagram brings back the chronological Feed in 2022, doing many users a favor. In the online jungle of the photo-sharing app, it's easy to get lost between the classic home feed, stories feed, the reels tab, the shopping section, and the news section. Since that is not enough, the following Feed and a favorites setting are added as an alternative to the home feed. The last two should – if you find them – at least be chronological.

However, it will not stay the same because users will not be spared advertising even in the chronological Feed. However, Instagram will at least partially downgrade the suggestions again.

Have you now lost track of the multitude of feeds? Then here is a small overview for you:

  1. Home Feed

As wrote you can find the Home Feed at the bottom of the selection menu, on the far left. The algorithm creates a mix of posts, reels, advertising, and stories that are individually tailored to you. By cutting down, you can discover all content.

The aim of the underlying algorithm is to keep the user on the page for as long as possible and to encourage them to continue scrolling. To achieve this, you will see the most relevant content possible. It is undisputed that Instagram generates its income primarily by placing customized advertising. That's why there is no feed of the app advertising.

  1. Stories Feed

In addition to the home feed, clicking on the house symbol at the top will show you the stories of the channels you have subscribed to. You can swipe left to see what's been posted. Stories that you have already seen will also be listed for you.

Compared to posts and reels, which are displayed endlessly, stories have a much shorter "best before" date. After 24 hours, the short snippets disappear from the story feed. Stories can only be preserved bundled in the profile as a highlight. Users can post up to a hundred stories in a day. Stories are particularly suitable for short news, interactive content such as surveys, or for seemingly trivial things.

  1. Reels Feed

The video icon in the middle of the bottom column takes you to Instagram Reels. Instagram has jumped on the trend train with these: As with TikTok, short videos can now also be found there. The Reels Feed is specially designed for content in this category. Furthermore, Reels are absolute engagement marvels, which is why they have become the focus of the platform in 2022.

  1. Shopping Feed

In the shopping feed, which can be found as the second symbol from the right, you will be presented with personalized shopping suggestions. As the name suggests, Instagram offers you everything that satisfies the hunger for consumption. While the tiled layout conforms to the rules of the social media site, the focus is clearly on the products. The website or Instagram channels of the respective providers are conveniently linked directly.

  1. Explore Feed

The contents of the Explore Feed are very similar to the Home Feed. The Feed is characterized by the tiled organization of the posts, which takes you to completely new threads with one click. There is also a search function at the top of the screen, which acts as a Google search bar for all sorts of content on the photo-sharing app.

  1. Following Feed (new)

Soon, clicking on the Home Feed at the top will present you with the ability to toggle between Home, Following, and Favorites by tapping on the menu. As the name suggests, the Following Feed only shows posts from accounts you're subscribed to.

What is special about the Following Feed is that it is structured in the same way as the Instagram Home Feed was in its early days. In theory, the concept promises a chronological order of all posts by the people you follow. The influence of the algorithm is eliminated. It has not yet been announced whether advertising will also be placed in this Feed.

  1. Favorites Feed (new)

From now on, the "Favorites" option should also be available in the same tab as just mentioned. In order to use them optimally, you simply mark your favorites with the star symbol.

Sometimes you could mute stories and posts from people you follow. The update will soon give you the option to explicitly mark people as favorites. This division à la Cinderella - the good ones in the potty, the bad ones in the crop - sounds a bit complicated. However, for users who feel overwhelmed by the News Feed, this is an investment that pays off. The feature will be worthwhile for you, especially if you just want to briefly check the most relevant news on the app.

Feed and done

After Instagram recently imitated various features of the competing app TikTok, it remains to be seen which functions will add to the digital all-rounder by the end of the year. Maybe we can expect more comebacks #oldbutgold.

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Author: Casey B. Larson Casey B. Larson

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