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What is the field service and application for field technicians?

Author: Forest Gump
by Forest Gump
Posted: May 09, 2022

Field service management is the process of coordinating the provision of services on site or elsewhere outside the organization. In order to manage employees, equipment and operational processes most effectively, companies often use software.

What is an outbound service?Field service refers to any line of work that takes place outside of a company or traditional office. Field service usually involves the dispatch of workers or contractors to the site to perform the necessary tasks. For example, field employees can be considered craftsmen who service household appliances at home.

Field service and service are changing and growing rapidly, spanning industries and those employees who do most of their work outside the office. Field workers can now be considered those who work in education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and many other industries that were not traditionally included in this list.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the traditional office environment to change dramatically, leading to an expansion in the number of mobile workers worldwide. With this expansion, the global field service management industry is expected to more than triple by 2026.

What does field service management include?Field service management includes scheduling visits to various sites depending on the scope of the company. Field service dispatchers are like the conductors of an orchestra who coordinate what needs to be done, when, and by whom. And like an orchestra, there are many tools in field master management that need to be managed in a timely and efficient manner.

The organization of the field service is as follows:

PlanningIncludes the management of expected work dates to ensure that orders are completed on time.

Task distributionCoordinating the workload of the entire team and tracking the timing when an employee is sent "in the field" with a work assignment.

Work Order ManagementIt is the process of creating, tracking and completing work orders (orders or work orders) that are created by the company based on the needs of the client. They must be tracked from creation to completion, from invoicing to the customer to confirmation of payment.

Resource managementThis is the process of keeping track of any number of consumables or parts that are to be sold or used.

Contract managementIt is the process of entering into contracts that are negotiated between a company and customers to fulfill service level agreements.

Advantages of the application for mobile mastersManaging field workers and company data requires unique processes and tools. Each solution must be adapted to the specifics of the company, as well as to possible changes in the future.

To effectively allocate resources, companies use special programs for field service. The software combines information from corporate systems with data received "from the fields" through employees' mobile devices. This helps to more accurately and efficiently manage resources and achieve high performance.

Here are some of the key benefits of the mobile technician app:

Improving EfficiencyBy replacing manual tools and methods, companies can increase operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Assisting staff on the goThe use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and mobile applications allows field workers to better comply with company standards, safety practices and work more efficiently.

Transparency improvementModern services help to collect and analyze data that is important for the company, which gives the head of the company the confidence to make informed decisions for business development.

Reducing operating costsWith the right data and knowledge, field workers are equipped to complete tasks on time and in the most efficient way.

Increasing customer satisfactionIt is possible to increase the demand for the company only through high-quality customer service. An integral part of this process is transparency, so that the client is aware of all the updates and complexities of the service.

When field employees do not lose their potential in routine repetitive tasks, they devote more time and attention to customers, which positively affects their loyalty.

Application for mobile mastersTo be competitive and gain an edge, companies use mobile technician apps. The software helps managers, technicians and other field workers:

  • process orders, - automate planning, - keep track of all goods, tasks and services, - Maintain contact with clients and employees - manage customer service contracts, - collect payments and much more.

Various programs and solutions provide tools for organizing field service, but not all of them can be called functional and operational.

For example, for the provision of field services for plumbers, you can use this software

Difficulties of field serviceOne of the main problems of field service organization is the dynamism of processes. After all, there are often situations that are difficult to predict, so the already complex planning becomes many times more difficult.

Many industries face the challenge of attracting and retaining talent in the face of declining talent pools and rising operating costs. Added to this is the lack of technology for managing complex assets and the growing needs of customers who require faster and better service delivery.

Mobile workers are faced with scheduling inconsistencies, the problem of accessing key data that they need to work, and a lack of information on work tasks, which leads to the need to return to the office.

Without the right tools, field service is an operational nightmare. Planning, monitoring and resolving issues require assistance, especially if all tasks are performed manually. At the same time, the organization does not have the necessary tools to equip its specialists.

Companies are adopting mobile handyman apps to automate routine work and empower executives to manage those aspects of the organization that require their attention. But the pace of implementation of such solutions is low. According to the study, only 48% of companies use such software.

In addition, among organizations that adopt these technologies, 45% of field technicians say the tools they use are not fast enough, and 38% of all service desk technicians say they cannot access all the information they need.

Finally, many organizations implement many incompatible tools over time. To keep things running smoothly, it is essential that companies implement embedded end-to-end technologies that align with the tools already in use and are customized to meet specific business needs.

Such services should be convenient for field crews so that they can view business resources to make momentary decisions that are critical to business continuity.

That's why companies around the world are adopting mobile technician apps like Field Complete. They provide companies with the planning, communication, reporting and analysis capabilities they need to grow and manage successfully.

Field Complete is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of your company and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and CRM so you can be up and running on day one.

The Future of Field ServiceAs the business evolves, it's important for a company to prepare early for change with field service solutions that will grow with the business.

The future of field service will be to empower mobile technicians with IoT devices such as tablets and smartphones, allowing technicians to access their work anytime, anywhere, on any cloud.

Mobile workers increase their productivity through automation, mobile device capabilities, and support through artificial intelligence. Not only can employees have access to these tools, but customers can also keep track of important information and communicate with the contractor.

A bet on artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud technologies will pave the way for field service management solutions in the future.

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