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Tips to Buy the Best Modular Laboratory Furniture

Author: Kewaunee Lab
by Kewaunee Lab
Posted: May 14, 2022

Choosing the right Laboratory Furniture is challenging and there is a lot to think about, from characteristics to customisations to requirements and regulatory guidelines. When setting up a new laboratory or refurbishing your existing place, buying modular laboratory furniture that will stay with you for a long time is one of the critical choices to make. Durability of the furniture will have outcomes for years ahead. Before you buy laboratory furniture, ensure that it meets your specific needs.

Laboratories are designed in various shapes and sizes. They meet your specific needs and the risks linked with them that differ from the industry they serve. Some of the important laboratories include analytical & quality laboratories, biosafety laboratories, chemical laboratories, and educational laboratories. There are research & development laboratories, production laboratories, manufacturing laboratories and radiological laboratories.

As laboratory set-ups can vary, it becomes important to understand the type of laboratory that will assist in deciding your furniture. Does your lab make use of a fume hood for the security of employees? The fume hood will alter airflow and influence energy performances. Installing a fume hood in the lab will have a distinct impact, as it will allow additional modular lab furniture installation efficiently.

In order to buy the best lab furniture, it is necessary that you buy from an expert leading lab furniture manufacturer in India. Today modular laboratory furniture is available in a wide range, be it an R&D lab, QC lab, Educational labs, Microlab or a third-party testing lab; you are all covered with the right lab furniture.

When you plan to buy modular lab furniture, it is necessary to buy them based on the application or usage. Since there are various types to choose from, you can purchase from the specialist. For educational institute, quality control and diagnostics labs you can buy modular lab furniture. For heavy duty research labs, it is a good idea to buy metal or stainless-steel furniture. Stainless steel lab furniture is also suitable for clean rooms, food labs, hospital labs and more. is recognised as a leading lab furniture manufacturer globally. Kewaunee offers modular laboratory furniture that meets the needs of the modern laboratory, where flexibility and adjustability are essential.

A SEFA certified lab furniture manufacturer for safety & quality, Kewaunee offers a wide range of modular lab furniture suitable for various applications and settings. The modular laboratory furniture range offers an adaptability choice (SEFA Class 1-8) and materials such as steel, wood, laminate, polypropylene and more.

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