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Opal - Fire & Beauty: What to Look For When Buying Opal Jewelery

Author: Australian Opal Direct
by Australian Opal Direct
Posted: May 14, 2022

Opal is a myth! These beautiful gemstones have been around since ancient times due to their beautiful play of color and opalescence, but these gems have a reputation for being unpopular. So why is this? I want to explain more about this gem, my particular favorite!

Even the word refers to beauty, as it means 'precious stone' and comes from the Latin 'Opalus', or the Sanskrit 'upalas'. It is the birthstone of people born in October. It also appears as a Zodiac stone for those born under Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, and is a stone to celebrate 13 years of marriage. Depending on how bad you are, I think!

Most of the quality opals are mined in Australia. Opal Earrings are made of liquid silica that flows through space or space and cools, thus creating unusual conditions, such as wood, sea shells and even dinosaur bones! This also means that opals have a relatively high water content, about 10%. For this reason they should never be allowed to dry. Be especially careful of medium heat radiators, or direct sunlight. I think it's best to keep them in a jewelry box or case when you're not wearing them. Cleansers can also affect them so you can wash them while wearing them! Not all opal is a quality gem, but those that often need to be treated to be more attractive and secure in suspension. Opal stones can be man-made (which may be synthesized or modified in some way) and thus one can find many types of opal that are automatically produced. So you need to be careful when choosing opal stone jewelry. A man made of opal is sometimes called doublets or triplets. A doublet is a small piece of real opal paper attached to a dark place, for example a piece of black onyx stone. Triplets are actually double-lined with clear glass, or quartz capping, and plastic or stone back. Double opal is more important than triplet because it contains more stones. Triplets are good because they are cheaper than a full stone while they look more attractive for half the cost. They are best found in rings, bracelets and necklaces. Silver necklaces seem to be the most appropriate. Costume jewelry usually contains triplets.

Opal is a stone of protection, loyalty and trust. It is said that it can improve perception and intelligence. Unexplained gems of high vibration. Therefore, they may have a wider spectrum of physical activity and higher levels of presence. Some say that an opal necklace is able to absorb thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Connected to the eye.

Mainly because of superstition, opal was considered unfortunate. It is believed that opal could give its master an invisible power - and thus gained a notoriety as a thief amulet. In ancient times opal was generally unpopular because of its resemblance to the eyes of "evil" animals. Therefore, this beautiful stone used to arouse the fear of the "Evil Eye". However, some, like the Romans, thought that it provided protection for them, so do what you love! In my opinion, it seems shameful to let superstition prevent you from enjoying this lovely gem, so why not check out my website, to find some great examples for sale

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