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How to Cheat Time Tracking Software Everything You Need To Know

Author: Laila Bella
by Laila Bella
Posted: May 15, 2022

The need for employee monitoring software for time monitoring and also staff tracking for each employee is becoming important. Since monitoring software skyrocketed in a matter of weeks. Although many have raised concerns about the system's tricky privacy concerns, others have discovered ways to deceive the tools they're employing.

Huge numbers of people were asked to work at home during the COVID-19 epidemic that hit its stride. Inevitably, businesses sought measures to ensure that their remote employees were not wasting their time. After all, according to a Robert Half Technology analysis, time theft costs businesses 4 - 5 hours each week per employee.

Admittedly, it's human instinct to want to defeat technology that interferes with their daily lives.

One must not let your team down, even though you know well how to track your workers' online usage.

You'd be shocked at what individuals can do to get around task mining and time-tracking software. Continue reading this article to see how your staff may deceive your time clock software.

What You'll Do to Workers From Cheating Time Tracking SoftwareAutomate the mouse curser’s movement:

Humans can control mouse movement using a rechargeable battery toy, which may appear absurd and implausible. They connect this toy to the mouse and just let it swivel an all-around screen. As a consequence, they deceive their monitoring software into thinking there is cursor activity or movement.

You'd think if your worker is doing something constructive just on a short glance at the document. They've barely discovered a means to fool the personnel monitoring system. However, as you look at the screenshots, you'll see what's going on.

It's critical to get a tool that can monitor your screen.

You'll get solid proof of what your remote teammates are working at any given time if you let the application take screenshots randomly.

Use your Window screen as a red herring:

Some folks discover a method to watch different videos on their displays while pretending to be productive. They achieve this by bringing up a full-screen version of both the content that appears on the screen they wish to see. They then open a new window to run work-related software.

For example, someone may be watching Game of Thrones while working on their app like Excel, CRM, or Word, on another window. The second window will operate as a "red herring" diverting the tracking tool's attention and fooling it all into monitoring activity.

To avoid concealing another screen holding the video, the employee will make sure that the window stays as tiny as feasible. Simultaneously, the tracker will capture the productive activities of the short window.

Getting the Most Out of a Secondary Monitor

Many people believe that using a dual-monitor setup is beneficial. Instead of repeatedly pushing ALT+TAB to move windows, it is simpler for them to get everything they want immediately in front of their eyes.

Few employee tracking systems, on the other hand, record data and take screenshots from both displays. Some people who already are familiar with the loophole take advantage of it.

All of their work-related applications are active on their main monitor. Meanwhile, they're using another monitor, to look at social media accounts or even purchasing on

Taking Screenshots at the Right Moment

A screenshot option is included in almost every monitoring software. Some users, though, have discovered that these screenshots are spaced in a specific space.

So they schedule this interval and deceive the system by posing as a worker at the exact point of both the screen captures. The employee returns to being inactive once the tracker has taken the screenshot.

Taking Advantage of Remote Access

Although using multiple computers may seem inconvenient, some workers are ready to go to tremendous efforts to deceive monitoring software. They'll download the time tracker and install it on their company PC.

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