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What is graphic design used for?

Author: Manoj Shukla
by Manoj Shukla
Posted: May 19, 2022
graphic design

Graphic design is used for a whole range of different things. It is often confused as being just another word for illustration, but there is more to it! The main three types of uses are:

Branding and logo design

As per the top graphic design company in Bangalore, the ultimate goal of a good logo is to create an identity that people can identify with, relate to, and remember. To do this successfully, there are key things you should keep in mind when designing a logo:

  • Create visual interest - The goal of any design piece should be to attract attention from people passing by or scrolling through websites without being too distracting or overbearing.

  • Create an interesting shape - Logos need to stand out from the crowd; they need their unique shape so they don't look like dozens of other logos! If you're struggling with ideas on creating shapes for your logo, check out our blog post about creating geometric patterns using shapes! It might just be the inspiration you need right now!


Advertising is one of the most common uses of graphic design. Advertising can take many forms, from newspaper ads to billboards and other outdoor advertisements. Graphic designers in Bangalore are often responsible for creating the visuals that go into these advertisements.


Graphic design can create packaging that reflects your company's image, values, and brand personality. When designing packaging for a product, you should consider:

  • The type of product that is being packaged. For example, if your product is something like jewelry or electronic goods, you'll need to think about how these items are displayed on shelves in retail stores. This will help you develop ideas for how to display your products at home on supermarket shelves or in shops.

  • The shape and size of the package (for example, if it needs to fit into a small space).

  • The material used in production (e.g., card stock vs. plastic)

  • How much information and branding can fit onto each package.

We hope you now understand the many different things that graphic design is used for. Between print, web, and multimedia, there are some versatile skills needed to produce quality designs in just about any situation.

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Manoj Shukla is a Web-app Developer at Webomindapps. He has a keen interest in Technology, SaaS-based products. Also, he loves music & cricket and reads books in his free time.

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