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Central Air Conditioner: An appliance which keeps you cool

Author: Wil Son
by Wil Son
Posted: Nov 25, 2014
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If you are planning to install, repair or replace the central air conditioner of your room then, you are probably going to do one of the most vital home improvements when it comes to comfort. Therefore, you should not take it lightly instead, pay more attention towards it. Moreover, a central AC offers those amenities which can add quality to the life in a scorching, sticky summer day.

Since, central air conditioner can be one of the most expensive home improvements thus, consider the best Air Conditioner Manufacturers only. Unlike portable, wall, window or single room air conditioners, central ACs are the ones that have the capacity to distribute conditioned air all over the house. However, it depends on several factors what type of air conditioner to choose.

If we talk about a central AC then it uses refrigeration technology in order to blow cool air. Additionally, it consists of an air-controlling unit, condenser unit, a blower, evaporator coil with a system that is responsible for cooling down the home temperature. Generally, condenser unit is placed outdoors whereas; evaporator is placed in the basement.

If you have decided to go with a central AC then, it is advisable to do deeper research and find out which unit will serve you the best. Also, consider its various features, energy efficiency, maintenance, warranty etc.

Energy Efficiency

It is the most considerable factor while choosing any appliance. No doubt, you want the one that gives the best output using less electricity so that; you can save your bucks. However, these energy efficient central ACs can be little expensive when buying them but, later they save the money by using less electricity thus; you will be in a safer side always by getting maximum cooling in minimum bucks.


Warranties are the sure short ways to get surety that central ACs will last long for years. Therefore, ask for the warranty while buying a central AC and also, make sure that you get all the terms and conditions clearly. Moreover, a warranty validates for 5 years however, it may vary from vendor to vendor or brand to brand thus, check it in the beginning. Additionally, warranty may vary from parts to parts also as some vendors do not give warranty on motors, relays, fans, solenoid, switches and many more.


To get fresh air always, make sure you also take care of the maintenance of a central AC. Regular inspection is advisable and if you notice any unusual fact then take no time in calling a reliable vendor who can repair it. Also, try to call the customer service first so that, you get the right service at the right time.

Also, consider the need, space, size and budget also while buying a central AC and be in cool temperature even when it is burning outside of your home.

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