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Naethanz Bring 5 Types Of Handbag That Every Women Should Own

Author: Ranjith Thomas
by Ranjith Thomas
Posted: Nov 25, 2014

Women and handbag they are the inseparable words. Every women loves handbag and no one is satisfied no matter how many we have. Especially the leather bag is every woman’sfavorite. Because they are durable, stress resistant and above all low maintenance. If you leave any women to buy their leather handbags on their own without any limited; they will definitely end upbuying all of them. So to help every woman with this unnecessary wardrobe filling here we are. So here are 5 essential types of leather bag every woman should have in their wardrobe and which definitely will you be of every penny earn.

The types of bag

Everyday bag/ shoulder bag- an everyday bag is a medium sized bag mostly with a medium sized dual hand drops. Every woman should have one of them because they can be used for daily purpose and chore. They can go with your formal as well as casual outfit. They are best for any kind of outing as it can handle some important essentials of your and plus you can carry it every day. Aeveryday bag has to match with your each and every outfit soalways try to buy leather bag with neutral color like beige, tan. This color goes from tees to sari. They are perfect with everyone.

Cross body bag/satchel bag- a satchel or cross body bags are the one with long adjustable leather strap which can hang on one of your shoulder or go across your body. It has a small bag with various pockets and compartments to hold your objects. This is one he must have leather bag in every women wardrobe because. It’s best for you when you are outing with your friends or having a long journey because unlike everyday bag these bag doesn’t have to stick on your one shoulderyou can have it across your body and manage the weight of the bag. Across body bag is a casual and young option for bag. Likeaneveryday bag you can have this bag too with your most of the outfit option. You can go for color s like dark blue, coffee brown or chocolate color for this bag. You can also be playful with this bag and chose the color which you want.

Hobo bag- a hobo bag is very much same to a shoulder bag. Thedifference is that they are not structural in shape like shoulder bag and the size of the handle drop is bigger than the shoulder bag. As the width of the shoulder bag strap is bigger than normal bag it is comfortable on your shoulder. Unlike other bag most of the hobo bag is wider than any other shoulder bag. You can keep ample amount of essentials in your hobo bag. A hobo bag can go with all the outfits like saris, dress or teens. They are very comfortable and very easy to handle. It is a kind of modern version of shoulder bag. You should go with colors like blue or black or shades of brown. They are good for every everyday market chores

Clutch- a clutch is a need for every woman. It is a small rectangular shaped bag which can be hold in your hand or can tuck in your armpit. A good clutch shows the famine side of every woman. They are classy and look super good. Clutch is not an everyday bag but it is an essential one when you go out for dinners and parties. You can’thandle too much in a clutch some money,cards or even a phone but not anything more than that. But they are perfect to fill your empty hand. The clutch can make your personality go from zero to ten. Always invest in a clutch with rich color like silver or gold, black somethingwhich makes a statement and you don’t have to change with your outfit.

Tote bags- tote bags are my most favorite bag. A toe bag is perfect for any occasion. Tote bag have big bag and small handle drops. Mostly tote bags are carried in your hands or hanged on your elbow. They are large in shape so you can care anything in it even a laptop. Having a tote bag is a must for every woman because there is so much in every women bag and they are still not satisfied. So a leather tote bag is perfect as you can carry as many as stuffs you want and you still can look stylish. Be a bit playful by having tote in colors like yellow, red or pink these are vibrant playful color which will light up your day. A style tip combine a tote bag with high heels and no one will notice your outfit mess.

These are those five essentials bags which every woman should have at least. But we all know women are never satisfied with how many bags they have.

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