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Everything About Moonga Stone

Author: Navratan Gems
by Navratan Gems
Posted: May 26, 2022

A coral gemstone which is often called Moonga stone is a semi-precious stone. It is a popular gemstone in the astrological world. In India, It is quite popular for its astrological benefits. Commonly, It is also known as Red coral and Moonga stone or Praval. This Stone is recognized as the symbol of peace, harmony, and transformation. This bright red colored natural red coral stone is an organic gemstone or natural stone formed by living organisms in the deep ocean by marine creatures. These living organisms are also known as coral polyps or Corallium Rubrum. The chemical composition of this organic stone is CaCO?. The popular variety of this stone is Red coral and white coral stone.

As we all know all the planets are ruled by a gemstone in our natal chart or horoscope. To enhance the auspiciousness of the planet, gemstones are used. Like other gemstones, this red coral or Moonga stone is also associated with the planet Mars. The Mars planet of Mangal Grah is famous for its affection in all the generations. According to Indian astrology, the planet Mars is a powerful planet that is further recognized as the god of warfare. Due to its amazing astrological benefits, it is known as the commander of armies as it rules the soldiers, pilots, farmers, and athletes. In other words, we can say if you are a soldier, pilot, farmer or athlete then this mystical gemstone can be helpful for you.

Generally, this lucky charm is worn to bring success in career, business, and health. If you have issues like nervousness, fear then you must wear this stone. This stone also enhances creativity and presentation skills. Red coral or Moonga stone can boost the self-confidence of the wearer. If you want to be a good public speaker then this stone can really help you in different ways as it boosts self-confidence and also helps in nervousness.

After all, if we talk about the healing and metaphysical properties of this gemstone then this amazing stone has a wonderful healing power that can cure skin-related problems. It cures boils, acne, and many other types of skin-related problems. This Moonga Ratan plays a huge role in human life. This stone can be malefic and beneficial for a person. It depends on the placement of Mars in the native's natal chart. If you are of Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi then this stone can be a lucky charm for you. According to western astrology, Red coral stone is considered the birthstone of Aries. Ascendants of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer & Leo can also wear this red coral stone but in this case, you will need to hire an astrologer. According to Vedic astrology, If you place the stone in the household then It will give you decorative pleasure and invite luck for the future.

It works for creative work as well. This magical stone will work for the peaceful emotion and hence it gives the result-oriented solution. People who are suffering from different issues or facing issues like anger issues, lack of compassion should wear this stone. This stone also works as a key for Manglik dosh. The material people can wear this stone for a peaceful and wonderful life. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to get married due to the effect of weaker Planet Mars. people wear this stone to neglect the effects of this planet. When you reach out to the astrologer for your material problem then he will suggest you wear a real red coral stone. The weight of the stone should be 1\10th of the full bodyweight of the person who wears this stone. Suppose if you have 80kg weight then you will need to buy a stone of 8-carat weight. To get the maximum benefits from this stone you need to wear this stone on Tuesday morning. For the best result, you should ask the astrologer. When it comes to the metal then according to a Vedic astrologer you should wear Coral stone with silver and gold metal. In the absence of these two metals, you can wear this stone in Panchdhatu, platinum, or white gold on the ring finger of the working hand.

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